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Inturotel Cala


Photo & text credits: Slowdown Hotels

Lush pine trees line the shores of a bay where emerald green water glows in the morning under the sun's rays. If you get there early enough, you’re swimming alone.


The bay is yours and yours alone. Located on the coast of Cala Esmeralda Bay, Inturotel Cala Esmeralda hotel offers private access. Due to its undulated balconies and white facade, it resembles a cloud that got caught in the bay and offers just the right comfort for lounging on the beach on a sunny day or exploring its beauty.

Inturotel is committed

to sustainability

Lobby with exit to the marina

Slowdown Hotels, Inturotel Cala Esmeralda, Cala d'Or, Mallorca
Slowdown Hotels, Inturotel Cala Esmeralda, Cala d'Or, Mallorca

Cherish the moments


Slowdown value: Nature of east Mallorca

Inturotel Cala Esmeralda is a great starting point to discover the most beautiful beaches on the southern part of the island, such as Calo des Moro, Cala Llombards, and Es Trenc. Cala Esmeralda, however, remains one of the more beautiful bays around Cala d’Or. The hotel manages to maintain a private atmosphere since it is located out of the strict city center to allow for that feeling of pristine Mediterranean nature. Should you want to spice things up, you can take a stroll into the heart of the townlet of Cala d’Or, where a genuine Spanish atmosphere can be enjoyed in the late afternoon, with many bars and restaurants serving delicacies from around the world.

Hotel interior

inspired by 70's

The best starting point
to explore the authentic wild nature of south east Mallorca


Designed to slowdown and feel the Mediterranean  


Stylish outdoor

Located at the beachfront, surrounded by pine woods and coves of turquoise waters.


"Poc a poc" mentality



Slowdown value: “Poc a poc” lifestyle

Their philosophy is intertwined with a “poc a poc” lifestyle, “poc a poc” literally meaning little by little. It implies one should take life calmly and philosophically, and to be honest, are we really in such a hurry? Although modernity has brought with it an acceleration in the pace of life on the island, too, one can still perceive the calmness and wisdom of ages past. They worked much harder than us, from dawn to dusk and without holidays, but they did so at their own pace, observing and responding to nature. A wise way of life that still survives and in which contact with the land is much more intense, pleasurable, and authentic. We hope that you keep in mind the fantastic proposals we make but, above all, that you enjoy them at your own pace and to the fullest.


Slowdown value: Well-being architect concept

The hotel itself is designed in such a way to care for your soul and offer you respite, consisting of many compartments where you can find peace and privacy. The complex includes as many as three outdoor pools and private access to the sea. The terraced hotel boasts beautiful views no matter which direction your room is facing.

The Interior and exterior intertwine and are connected by coastal vegetation, subtly planted on the terraces and by the pools, emphasizing the feeling of the Mediterranean. Rooms and suites are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Patterns and colors enhance the positive vibes during your stay. Each room has its Nespresso coffee machine, which allows those who hold a good morning coffee above everything to enjoy their favorite drink of the day in their own room or by the private pool that belongs to the suite and start the day off perfectly.


We loved the details in the room from switches for lights to tiles on the floor


Slowdown value: Private & unique

The suites that include an outdoor private pool in addition to the room are among the most appealing options one can choose. It’s the Mediterranean on a small scale. Attractive sunsets and serene vistas overlooking the emerald bay of Cala Esmeralda and the branches of the surrounding pine trees quiet the soul and soothe the body.


Slowdown and

enhance your health

Slowdown value:  "Ses Salines" SPA

The hotel, designed in Mediterranean style sprinkled with avant-garde, you will also find a wellness oasis inspired by “Ses Salines d’Es Trenc”. Es Trenc is a small village with saltpans where they produce locally sourced salt. Even on a cloudy day, you will be able to enjoy a warm and relaxing atmosphere with the inside pool complete with a thermal circuit and whirlpool, ice fountain, sensory showers, hammam, sauna, heated zen lounges… all the titbits for your well-being and pampering.


Slowdown value: Diverse gastronomy

When visiting, you can enjoy the full span of rich and tasty foods at all times. For breakfast, you can treat yourself to local morsels, lots of fresh food, sweet corner, and different oats followed by a cold and warm bar of typical morning servings. In the evening, yet another array of foods - from cold starters to a variety of main dishes for all tastes, like seafood, meat, sushi, vegetarian-friendly selection, Spanish food, is yours to enjoy.

You definitely won't be hungry during your stay here.


The food is always really delicious and diverse. Romans, Jews, Phoenicians, Arabs... the list of influences on Mallorca's cuisine is as long as that of the peoples who have passed through this region. The island's cuisine, essentially Mediterranean, diversified with the local harvest of the sea and the land, the envy of other locales, is worth a trip in itself. Every season of the year brings forth different delicacies, prepared from ingredients traditionally available at that specific time. Mallorquins live, do business, and fall in love over a good meal: it's hard to find one who isn't a good cook.


Slowdown value: Feel Authentic

At the Inturotel Cala Esmeralda Hotel you will find thousands of experiences to discover Majorca your own way.




Your best slowdown


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