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Your best slowdown


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Am Waldrand 53, 6787 Gargellen

Tel. +43 5557 6319



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Photo: Nussbaumer Photography

Text credit: Slowdown Hotels via Alpenhotel Heimspitze

Pristine beauty in the heart of the mountains.

Slowdown value: Something special at all times of the year.

Gargellen is a little mountain village with the perfect setting for a slowdown getaway when you need to embrace yourself with a pristine life connected with nature. A place full of history is today in the hands of Amélie with the support of her family and you will feel this passion in every corner of the hotel. 

The interior and exterior are a perfect combination to rock you to a slowdown mood.




Slowdown value: Come here to experience an authentic destination

Gargellen is home of Heimspitze. A rough diamond - captivating with honesty, purity, and clarity. A small mountain village at the valley’s end with minimal traffic and unspoiled nature boasting a wide range of colors.


Authentic beauty of the landscape, clear mountain air and

magnificent views make this place easily one of the

most magical spots found in the Montafon. 




Slowdown value: Come here to live sustainably

Two years ago, they created #HeimspitzeCARES to support a more sustainable lifestyle. Far from the prevalent throwaway society and back to the appreciation of natural resources.


They help to preserve the environment by nature protection and

reducing plastic and waste in general.  They are also fully committed to social responsibility by championing diversity and inclusion for our team members.




"Hospitality does not only
run in our blood but also
comes straight from the heart. "



"Our deep connection with the region is demonstrated in the Heimspitz cuisine. Ingredients used to create the Heimspitz dishes are partly sourced from our own garden and livestock. Others are carefully selected from local farmers and suppliers."  


"Relax and unwind in our suites in the Montafon, combining colourful finishes, natural materials, elegant and sophisticated design to maximize your experience."

Slowdown value: Each room is a different experience

At Heimspitze you will find individually styled suites and rooms, so one can create a very own authentic experience from minimal elegant and stylish rooms with outstanding vistas to original suites full of character and authentic details, to really feel how once lived in the mountains and what brought warm and cozy feeling.

But no matter the style one prefers, each room or suite is carefully detailed with luxury fittings to create a unique charm that provides a comfortable setting to relax and unwind. A truly memorable experience with long-lasting effects as these environments is so full of good vibes.





"Fine crafted details bring an authentic character to the place, to feel the real vibe of the region, the mountains, a life that perhaps is different from what we live today but, here lies the secret of "slowdown effect."          SLOWDOWN HOTELS


"Truly be yourself, because we are too. We do not pretend to be something we actually are not. We live and work to make your dreams come true. Being your hosts makes us happy. Therefore, we cannot imagine anything more satisfying,
than our guests, feeling „at home" at our Heimspitze."      HEIMSPITZE


Slowdown value: Be aware of traditional

This boutique hotel blends tradition with innovation. You’ll savor every moment. A warm, friendly welcome awaits you and sometimes the interior is like a museum of fine arts which can be observed around the hotel. 


Slowdown value: Chef's table


The concept of culinary well-being in their restaurant does not begin with the palate and definitely does not end there.

Indulgence extends from the finest aromas to creative color concepts.


Bewitching all your senses. When the delectable highlights unfold their taste, you will be able to savor freshness. And passion. The passion with which the dishes here are executed.

Everything they can't harvest in their own garden called "Heimspitze GROWerai" is sourced within the region and they know exactly where ingredients are coming from. Living and cooking at 1,500 meters of altitude, they can not and do not want to do it without the amenities of the valley.


Their local suppliers provide fresh produce like fruit and vegetables and meats from farmers dedicated to animal welfare. Due to these established relationships

and their shared responsibility for nature, at Heimspitze can rely on the quality of everything supplied to them.








"The ingredients are locally sourced treasures and the ideas for our cuisine come straight from the heart. Taste the difference yourself! " HEIMSPITZE

breakfast  selection

breakfast specialities


Slowdown value: Come here to enjoy culinary well-being.

Staying at the Heimspitze you will soon find out about their unique dinner ritual, which has been executed every evening for decades now. Their regular guests are all looking forward to this special delight and could not imagine a Heimspitz dinner without it.

When the mouth-watering freshly baked bread with different spreads is served, it is time for the men to spoil their ladies with the typical Heimspitz-Brötle.


"At Heimspitze guests are mostly treated to a 5-course dinner, but one can also taste an exquisite dining experience served every Thursday, using the finest ingredients at the eight to ten-course dinner that is a journey through the culinary world."  

Slowdown value: Schöpfle
Schöpfle - an authentic place to mingle in the garden in a pleasant atmosphere and provides more outdoor relaxing spaces. Enjoy the mountain views whilst listening to the sound of the water from the fountain and streams. 
Wellness is not only a sauna and steam bath but also a pure experience of pristine nature that surrounds their place at 1423 m above sea level. As one of the last houses in the village tries to imagine this silence when cars are not passing by, you can't hear a noise from the street, only birds singing and a gentle breeze.


"Immerse with nature and dive into her natural sounds without any noise, only singing birds. "         




"No mass events but still brimming with life. In Gargellen you can explore nature. Indulge in unique culinary pleasures. Be active – from snow-shoe hiking to ski touring. From climbing to forest bathing. Experience authentic adventures

around the Heimspitze and simply unwind with a long-lasting relaxing effect."           HEIMSPITZE


Slowdown value: Come here for perfect winter pleasures


The bottom station lift is just around the corner from Heimspitze and as it is at 1450m, you can be sure the slope conditions in your winter holidays are perfect. In Gargellen one can also enjoy numerous hours of sunshine and sensational views at every turn.

And even more, if you love powder skiing this is your place. With knee-deep powder and a variety of terrain, you can expect exceptional skiing and snowboarding rides. No less joy here awaits cross-country skiers, ski tourers, and lovers of snowshoeing... it's a winter paradise here for all kinds of snow sports.


Slowdown value: A place to warm up the body and stay relaxed

At 1423m one can imagine that winters can be cold and full of snow, therefore at Heimspitze, you will not find a big wellness area, but rather a quiet and very private style of cozy & warm place with a Finnish and Steam bath sauna to enjoy a bit of relaxation after all the activities or when the weather cancel your plan to explore the natural wonders around Montafon. 



"And hot it will be. Inspired by the pure delight of basking in the warmth of the rising sun, our wellness area is a quiet pause from the world. A place to unwind, indulge and renew"           







Your best slowdown


begins here...

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