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Address / Fellenrütistrasse 100 | CH-6390 Engelberg
Phone/ +41 79 100 50 33
Email/ kontakt@villa-hundred.ch



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Photo credit: Villa Hundert

Villa Hundert is all about stunning views in the heart of a mountainous landscape, they call it a mountainscape. An escape amidst the mountain panorama, gentle meadows, waterfalls, and in the winter a snow-enchanted idyll.      

A new beginning for John & Christian, two nordic guys who share the same passion – the passion for authentic experiences through food and wine, and the passion for nature and snowboarding.



Light in nature creates a movement of colours.



"Dine, Wine, Sleep, Work and Play in Villa Hundert."       



Slowdown value:  Passion for bringing people together 

The most cherished time is the time we spent with the people we love and when we create everlasting memories. In the world of a technology-driven society, the biggest luxury is knowing how to disconnect and remain human. And to feel and live all the sweetest things we can create and share when we enjoy the awareness of people around us. John & Christian moved from the Scandinavian north to the small Swiss village of Engelberg and they created a place where people come together and enjoy life “from the heart to heart experience”.


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Slowdown value: Cozy Nordic design

Villa Hundert offers 9 rooms in a clear Nordic design. They created a cozy feeling using mainly wood and natural materials that create a bright and warm ambiance. All rooms are turned towards the outer garden with a calming panoramic view over the Engelberg mountains that spontaneously invite you to relax.


The ambiance is relaxed and comforting yet somewhat luxurious.

"The sea is a real treasure chest of natural substances"

Slowdown value: Mountainscape

An escape to freedom, away from the noise that surrounds us every day in the cities and big villages. Villa Hundert is a pure “slowdown” getaway from everyday routines and the usual surrounding, having all on a tip of your hand. Up here you only have nature, fresh air and silence as Villa Hundert is located at 1218 meters above sea level on the sunny southern slope above Engelberg. A quiet area only a few steps away from the most beautiful hiking trails and the ski slope of the Brunni Bahn.


Slowdown value: Wintertime

Engelberg is a true slowdown winter paradise with tonnes of snow and sun, just a perfect destination for escaping into the white wonderland with snowshoes or spending the day on the slopes skiing, snowboarding, freeriding, or perhaps cross-country skiing. 




Villa Hundert's interior is ready for you to enjoy a "slowdown" winter ambiance with cozy furnishing and a charming fireplace. To unwind with a cup of hot tea or chocolate, or perhaps a glass of mountain spirit or artisanal wine.


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breakfast specialities


"We love the feeling of finding a wine for a guest that touches them, that opens up conversations and that inspires. Each evening Christian puts together a drinks package to accompany your dinner and John's meal."   CHRISTIAN & JOHN, VILLA HUNDERT 

Slowdown value: Wine that touches and opens the conversation

Wine is always about storytelling and stories connect people. Christian and John have their way of "slowdown" the guests with real feasts. Their passion for hospitality starts with the selected wines and local ingredients that invite you to surrender your feelings. The focus of the wine list is on artisanal mountain wines from Switzerland and neighboring countries, but you will also find a few delicacies from the lowlands.



Slowdown value: The winter menu

For the winter menu, they dig deep into autumn work – their homemade stash of ferments and preserves. What once sprouted from the ground is now an explosion of complex flavors combined with the fish that thrive in the cold waters of the Swiss lakes and the flesh of the animals that have been fed with the purest alpine grass and herbs during the flowering months of the year.



No pleasure is temporary, because the impression it leaves behind is permanent.


"We serve a constantly changing surprise course menu." VILLA  HUNDERT

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Slowdown value: Cooking with the responsibility for a sustainable approach

A strong focus on seasonal products allows the flavors to ring in harmony with what the guests see outside the window. At the heart of their cooking lies a strong belief in kitchen ethics. They see it as their responsibility to cook sustainably and thereby inspire the guests and offer them to taste the difference when the meal is cooked from fresh and eco ingredients. Christian and John also constantly strive for a close relationship with their local suppliers and producers to be able to offer the best possible products for both the environment and the guests.




"What once sprouted from the ground is now an explosion of complex flavors, due to the careful harvesting and fermenting of our products grown in our garden." VILLA HUNDERT




Your best slowdown


begins here...