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Photo: Vera Prinz & Florian Andergassen

Text credit: Slowdown Hotels 

Petrus is a family-run hotel in the heart of the meadows below Plan de Corones. Three daughters are now a young force behind this nature-inspired hotel and Gault & Millau awarded kitchen. But first, it was their father Hanes, and mother Gerti, that believed, that this place have so much more to offer. With the passion of each, they created a retreat that connects you to their surrounding nature that invites you to "slowdown" gently. 


“Let's turn the house in the same way the mountain is formed. In this way, it harmonizes with the energy, and the house is set up south. In this way, your guest will have sunshine all day long."       PETRUS

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Slowdown value: Value your free time

When we do not try to fill every minute with activities, the magic of vacation appears. It's ok if the goal of the vacation is to spend time slowly. At Petrus they harmonized the hotel with nature to offer you a space to quiet the mind and to simply enjoy the beauty of life. 


Slowdown value: The power of the present moment

Not only the Spa, here all spaces are designed to offer a cozy corner to cultivate time you spend away from your phone, the noise, and the everyday. Try and cultivate your moments not using a phone. Keep your mind in the present moment and cultivate your inner strength of peace and calm.




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"Coming together at the table as a family, talking to each other, and enjoying the food has always been important to us. Therefore the kitchen is nothing less than the heart of our house."      PETRUS 

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Slowdown value: Ergonomic beds & reflexology

At Petrus, you will find plenty of spaces dedicated to relaxing and slowdown through all your senses. Change the usual spaces and enjoy reading a book on ergonomic day beds in the Cubus room. The real kicker is that the soles of your feet are massaged with cherry stones on the reflexology bench. A pleasant scent will calm your mind and it comes from Swiss pine as the ideal wood for a relaxation room: You can breathe in the scent and come to rest while lying on a water bed.

Slowdown value: Wood, wool, and herbs - The Dahòame Spa

Here you can learn to rest in Dahòame style. This is their Spa where you can feel the power of nature. In the Lana relaxation room, you will be introduced to the positive effect of wool, which is found here in combination with peat, willow bark, Swiss pine shavings, linen, and medicinal herbs.

The Hay Barn will give you the true hay experience, whereas the health-enhancing properties of Swiss pine wood are put to good use in the Cirmolo room.

If you want to feel like floating on clouds, you should retreat to the White Room: with no distraction whatsoever, it is the ideal place to read and chill out.





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"Fiori sauna - where flowers play a role, and not just any flowers: The rose petals and herbs have been plucked at our Lechnerhof, and fill the sauna with a particularly lovely scent. ” PETRUS


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Slowdown value: Slow sauna rituals

To cultivate a strong immune system, put your body to sweat in 5 different saunas and steam baths in their Spa area.

The Wood sauna “Wald” is the largest sauna, and its 85 °C is sure to make you sweat. The Barn sauna “Stadl”, too, heats up to 85 °C, and untreated barn wood was used to build it. Then there is The brine steam bath "Sole" with mountain salt, which is particularly good for your airways.

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Slowdown value: Soft as cloud

The rooms are furnished in wood to offer an authentic environment. We like the idea of the slowdown philosophy integrated into the rooms with lots of space, soft beds, and the majority of rooms that comes with baths placed in front of the window or integrated sauna to cultivate private mini wellness rituals when you don't feel like spending the time in the Spa with other guests.




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Slowdown value: SymBIOsis


The base for all the plates in Petrus is their own garden. The interaction between the garden and the kitchen works passionately because the father Hans is in constant contact with the kitchen team. "I tell them what is growing and they tell me what they will need next." A functioning cycle can be that simple.

The idea is to offer the guests the food that they themselves love most. Fresh, regional, healthy, and made by hand. When you grow plants with love, that love can also be tasted on the plate. It's something very different. Many of the ingredients used in their kitchen come from their vegetable gardens at the Lechnerhof. It is Father Hans's realm, this is the place where he proves day after day that he has a knack for the plants. When the last snow is gone, the first herbs break through the earth and it turns green. Then come spinach and radishes and delicious salads.


In summer in fact they only get their salad from the Lechnerhof. But all the ingredients they grow through the year are also carefully processed and turned into something delicious for later. The kitchen team not only processes their fruit and vegetables but also bakes bread and cakes, kneads pasta dough, and prepares vinegar.






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"Goji berries have been growing in the Petrus Garden long before the little red iron bombs in South Tyrol were known. Asparagus in Val Pusteria? Hans makes it possible. He is particularly fond of rarities and old varieties. The best example: the mountain artichoke. It's always a highlight when she spices up our kitchen for a short time. "     PETRUS

"Our garden needs constant care and harvesting. We follow the rhythm of nature and let ourselves be inspired by the seasons. As natural as possible, everything should be the way we want it to be. Whenever possible, we farm our vegetables organically. " PETRUS

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Slowdown value: Dahòame tastes -  A taste of home

If all ingredients and processes are made at home the taste must be delicious. All the delicacies are prepared by the chef and his kitchen team from fresh fruits and vegetables or their homegrown ingredients that are processed in the autumn to be used during the winter. This is the secret behind their Dahòame tastes, awarded by Gault & Millau.


breakfast  selection

breakfast specialities

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Slowdown value: Feel strong


Take that advantage of the hotel and move and tone your body and then enjoy active regeneration and relaxation. Energize your body and calm the mind. Taking care of our body should be our constant thought.  Putting our body to work with a focus on specific muscle groups will bring us additional benefits. A perfect combination of putting the body to work and relaxation mood will return our best well-being.


Here you won’t just train in a beautiful environment but also use aesthetically pleasing equipment. The equipment in the Wood & Water Gym is not just elegant and mainly made from wood, it also runs on water resistance which gives a pleasant feel during the exercise, a feel like exercising by the waves of the sea.  

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