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Castel Rundegg 

Photo credits: Slowdown Hotels

Your best slowdown


begins here...

Via Scena 2, I-39012

Merano, South Tyrol

A unique place dedicated
to well-being and intensive


Castle Rundegg is unique in some details that put this place high to our “slowdown concept”. Once a Maison for noble families and a significant reference point for the destination and also one of the first hotels in Italy that obtained the name Beauty-farm.


This place is since its very beginning connected to providing well-being and offering a retreat from the world. Today Castle Rundegg is thoughtfully renovated into a place where a self-regeneration is put to the pedestal with an extensive program of well-being treatments that offer you rejuvenation and regeneration breaks to nourish your beauty.

Light in nature creates a movement of colours.

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Rundegg Castel_Merano_ (14).jpg

Slowdown value: The charm of the times, that slows us down...

Stay as they did then and experience the vibe of the castle, as they since forever have that "slowdown" spirit integrated into their architectural and interior design. The hotel building dates back to the 12th century and it was carefully preserved. They restored many of the unique paintings on the walls, ceilings, and also the structures of the lunette ceilings of the rooms and lounges, exposed stone walls, and beautiful antic furniture. 

Ditch the routines by planning a getaway in a completely unusual interior.  It brings you so much new energy and a totally new experience compared to our everyday life.

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Slowdown value:  A secret hideaway

This could be an ideal holiday home for connoisseurs, explorers, storytellers, and well-being seekers. Since Castle Rundegg is one of the first medical Spa hotels, its flooring and rooms are amazingly planned to even feel good energy today.


Today's hotel manager, David Kofler, renovated the rooms with a precise eye for detail over the time that passed and put special attention to modern comfort & elegance. Therefore the rooms really offer a retreat to well-being as they are large, fresh, nicely scented, bright, and thick stone walls are keeping perfect clima throughout all season periods. The rooms have many windows to offer panoramic sights or a very private garden. All once-built details make you wonder if they knew better how to plan a well-being retreat. A unique way of living compared to modern times.


Rundegg Castel_Merano_ (14).jpg
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Elisabeth suite

Sleep in “a bouquet”, enjoy the window view over the outside lush garden with Mediterranean palm trees, and enjoy the intimacy of the natural light when relaxing with your cup of afternoon tea. Slowdown. Here the time stops and life becomes light and simple. 


Slowdown in

the garden

Rundegg Castel_Merano (89).jpg

Slowdown value: A meditative value of a lush Mediterranean garden

Here you can really enjoy the value of a large garden, wonderful to relax with a view of the surrounding mountain world of South Tyrol and a unique, charming little castle in the middle.


A garden with a "Slowdown effect" the moment you enter this oasis of good mood in the heart of Merano. Despite being located very near the center, this garden is like a shelter that transfers you to a good mood and embraces you with calmness. 

Botanically lush vegetation and surrounding mountains form unique views where the Alps and the Mediterranean meet and create a place where is easy to relax and calm down. In the middle of the garden, there is a large swimming pool with a small massage pool to dive deep into relaxation. 



Slowdown value: Leisure & pleasure

by the beautiful swimming pool

Gardens for us are always a unique little paradise, also according to Japanese knowledge, a place where we can return to the here and now.


This garden is beautifully planned and a perfect place where you can find shelter among Mediterranean vegetation and cultivate mini "slowdown" rituals like enjoying meditative states of being present in the moment. Just find your favorite spot and play some meditation, it's a beautiful way how to cultivate a calm mind and just enjoy being with yourself & your thoughts. 

Rundegg Castel_Merano (25).jpg

Slowdown value: Connect to nature


Feeling connected is an incredible source of grounding energy, it is extremely nourishing to our senses and self. Gardens too, offer a space where you connect to nature and enjoy being outside and spent time slowly.


These moments give you an appreciation of life as it is, rather than as you feel it should be. Here is so nice to just take off the shoes and walk barefoot in the garden, perhaps to find a perfect spot around this large Mediterranean garden and enjoy some moments to do yoga or just to find a spot to practice some meditative state of mind surrounded with beautiful nature.

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The world of "slow" well-being

Slowdown value: Nourish your beauty

A touch affects the body to release tension and let well-being flows through the body and soul. Treatments not only relax our bodies they also maintain our beauty - inner and outer, as treatments release tensions and boost endorphins that bring happiness and happiness is the key to our well-being that is also noticed from the outside.


In a hotel like this one take the benefit of their rich pampering program. Add your personal well-being retreat out of a variety of pampering treatments that can boost your intensive regeneration like Pressotherapy, Coffee Scrub, a private Rasul Hamam experience that offers relaxing hours with oriental peeling and Vichy shower, mud pack in the steam bath and a gentle massage. All this is surrounded by slumber light and soft fragrances. Cranio Sacral Therapy, Shiatsu massage, face treatments, Try Mud packs, and many more. Pick your favorite and experience the world of well-being.


Slowdown Hotels_Rundegg Castle_Merano (185).jpg
Slowdown Hotels_Rundegg Castle_Merano (178).jpg
Slowdown Hotels_Rundegg Castle_Merano (160).jpg

Slowdown value: The ultimate relaxation - the bath

Enter the world of baths. Warmth, sweet scents, and pleasant silence. Baths are a very effective “slowdown” method with a great effect on our bodies and skin. Combined with precious oils and nourishing essences, the soothing power of the water ensures that you can completely relax, deeply relax and recharge your batteries. A few very interesting ones are the Detox bath with Himalayan salt and ginger – highly stimulating and detoxifying; the Jeunesse bath with rice starch – velvety soft, …

For a very intensive regeneration take Panthermal – this is a revitalizing steam bath against general tiredness, cleansing, and detoxifying. It has a purifying, toning, and revitalizing effect. The pores open up and the circulation is stimulated, leaving you feeling fresh and refreshed.

breakfast  selection

breakfast specialities

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Slowdown value: Let go, and enter the world of well-being ...

Castle Rundegg kept his well-being concept as the heart of the hotel until today. Back in history, this Castle was one of the absolute pioneers of medical Spa hotels and it has hosted prominent guests who appreciated the unique privacy and caring, individual attention. And still today they kept the concept of close cooperation between doctors, masseurs, therapists, and aestheticians guaranteeing a holistic feel-good concept, sophisticated spa programs, and targeted therapies that provide the best regeneration programs.

Slowdown Hotels_Rundegg Castle_Merano (216).jpg
Slowdown Hotels_Rundegg Castle_Merano (220).jpg

Slowdown value: Time we devote to our regeneration 

Why do we need to put more attention to regeneration?
At home, we are usually very busy handling our daily life and a very few times we remember we must release all the tensions out of our bodies. So while on holiday, take the time to release all that no longer serves you and pamper your body that serves you every day. At Rundegg, you will find all facilities to put your attention to your body. 

Detox and do something good for your body while on holiday. To really experience Slowdown study and take a journey into their well-being program as here you can really enjoy all benefits to put your body in better shape and devote time and energy to feeling better. Here you can use the time to regenerate your body and learn new methods to keep in shape. You can also book a special made-to-measure program that will include exercising and a vital menu program to reach your best well-being shape.


Slow food philosophy that increases your well-being.

Rundegg Castel_Merano (107).jpg

Slowdown value: Vital Haute cuisine

Expect to eat like a king and queen, but very balanced and seasonal. Rundegg cuisine consists of the right mixture of traditional South Tyrolean cuisine and fine Mediterranean delicacies. Food like many other aspects is a great part of well-being and here is carefully planned and prepared with niche ingredients of the highest quality. The execution of the dishes is focused on natural tastes, and you can taste the uniqueness of the flavors.


At Rundegg all dishes are freshly prepared, and mainly regional and seasonal products are used and refined with herbs from their castle garden. The dishes and flavors are very well balanced and will charm you with exquisite taste that always leaves you with a pleasant feel in your stomach.


Their highly qualified team can also prepare a special program with a detox vital menu in case you watch your diet, but you do not want to miss the gourmet experience. 


Mediterranean cuisine is made with seasonal South Tyrolean products, but prepared in a pure and balanced way to keep the menu vital and light for your body.

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Slowdown Hotels_Rundegg Castle_Merano (53).jpg

Slowdown value: Start your morning slowly

After the morning swim, there comes breakfast. In summer this meal comes with a "slowdown effect" as having breakfast outside is simply the best way to start the morning slowly and eat mindfully. The ambiance is calm and relaxed. Mornings are fresh and being surrounded with lush  Mediterranean vegetation takes you to another place. 

Ingredients are locally sourced or freshly baked by their kitchen team. Every morning you will find delicious fresh baked cakes to enjoy something sweet with your coffee or tea. You will find a variety of fresh bread from white, dark, or corn buns. There is jam and a müsli corner, fresh fruits, and yogurt. And also a selection of cheese, hams, and freshly made dishes from the kitchen. 

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Rundegg Castel_Merano_ (25).jpg



Merano with its surrounding villages, is a beautiful destination to "Slowdown" by exploring the beauty of their cultivated hills and to spend the time outside.


Slowdown value: Nature & culture

Merano, just a few minutes walk from the hotel, is an ideal starting point for all sorts of activities. With a skiing area Merano 2000 and Christmas market, the town is equally worth a visit in winter as it is for summer hiking, biking, golfing, and many more.


You can reach Merano’s thermal baths, Tyrol Castle, the South Tyrolean Wine Road, and the Messner Mountain Museum quickly and easily from Castle Rundegg. 



Other highlights include the Merano Music Weeks Festival, the Merano Flower Festival, the Merano Wine Festival, and the traditional Merano Grape Festival.



Your best slowdown


begins here...

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