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Your best slowdown


begins here...

Tannstraße 22 
Ritten / Renon ·

South Tyrol · Italy
Phone +39 0471 356 264


The central motif of the hotel is the forest and the natural resources that are valued and respected high up in the mountains. This awareness towards nature and care for the environment is in turn passed on to the guest, as they are encouraged to appreciate what nature has to offer, the authenticity, and reflect on how much to interfere with the environment, how to live with nature and how to give back to it...

Slowdown value: A powerful spot to recharge your energy levels.

As you round the last bend and a vast meadow surrounded by forest opens up at a magnificent 1500m above sea level, you see the Tann Hotel nested on the edge of the meadow on a small hill, giving you the feeling of looking at the entry point to a Tolkien-inspired land...


Once a mountain hut, Hotel Tann has been converted into a sophisticated hotel over the course of the generations. Still, the authenticity of the original building and its story has been preserved in the details, and the message of sustainability has always been taught and respected here. The owners, Markus and Barbara, have invested all their love in the hotel. The care and attention are evident in the many details throughout the hotel and give it an authentic and homely feel. Traditional mountain construction and interior design are intertwined with modern and sustainable upgrades.



Slowdown Hotels - Hotel Tann, forest retreat, Ritten, Süd Tyrol, Italien

Slowdown value: Come here for the Forest

Nature, air, and views reveal aspects of nature that relax the mind and body. In the summer, the forest emits freshness and the soft, gentle scent of conifers softens the air and relaxes the spirit. The soothing green color spreads out in all directions as if spilling out of a bucket, coloring the surroundings in a relaxing shade.  The forest here is pristine, wild, and rich with lush undergrowth. The forest is at the door of the hotel, just a step through the main entrance. This is where you wake up in the morning and walk into the peaceful woods, filled with the song of birds and sparkling rays of sun on the leaves.



Slowdown Hotels - Hotel Tann, forest retreat, Ritten, Süd Tyrol, Italien
Slowdown Hotels - Reichhalter 1477, Lana, Süd Tyrol, Italien

Slowdown value: Come here to reconnect with nature and tranquility

The concept and design of the Tann Hotel are sure to charm. Nature seeps from every nook and cranny of the hotel and is as alluring inside as is outside. 1500m above sea level, you will feel true peace, the detachment from the hustle and bustle, from the noise, from the cars... embrace the silence of nature and the mystique of the endless views towards the Alpe Di Siusi mountain range. The Hotel Tann also has its own natural water spring to boast about. The water from the slopes of the Ritten is available for refreshment. We recommend water with spruce twigs.




The forest and its healing properties represent a way of life that is practiced, taught, and preserved here. Here you will discover the secrets of plants you regarded as weeds, but their many uses and delicious taste will change your mind.

Slowdown Hotels - Hotel Tann, forest retreat, Ritten, Süd Tyrol, Italien

"Here, the forest is not a setting, it is not just the nature next to the hotel, it is a habitat that soothes and revitalizes." 




Slowdown Hotels - Hotel Tann, forest retreat, Ritten, Süd Tyrol, Italien

"A respect for nature is inherent to all mountain peoples. Sustainability, therefore, guides our thoughts and actions, and we do everything to ensure that our paradise will remain healthy for many generations to come. We want to keep what is precious."

Slowdown value: Come here for authentic forest wellness

Instead of human design, the most prolific architect of the Tann Hotel is nature itself. The outdoor wellness area is embedded in the edge of the forest, which seamlessly continues into the hotel's garden, all while retaining the authenticity of the forest soil and the trees, always making you feel like you are in the middle of the forest.


The garden is crossed by Kneipp paths connecting the 2 outdoor saunas, the Silva Sauna (65C) and the infrared sauna. To cool off, take a dip in the garden jacuzzi, which also acts as a forest water spring, overlooking Schilliar slopes, or dive into the infinity pool and enjoy the perfect panorama. All the senses are stimulated here, a real power spot that connects you with authentic nature.




Slowdown Hotels - Hotel Tann, forest retreat, Ritten, Süd Tyrol, Italien

"Tann is an impressive perch. Elevated, detached, and free. For clearing the mind and inhaling the forest air. For being outdoors in nature. A place in which to relax and be active. Tann is a source of natural energy. At one with nature and holistic healing, ancient and true."    HOTEL TANN



"The hotel also takes a very unique approach to sustainability. The bread served for breakfast and again for dinner is freshly baked each morning in the Brechlbad sauna. The sauna smells of freshly baked bread and is perfect for afternoon relaxation. It has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system."




Slowdown Hotels - Hotel Tann, forest retreat, Ritten, Süd Tyrol, Italien

Slowdown value: Come here for a unique Sauna retreat

The core of the TANN hotel is the authenticity and originality preserved by generations past. When you enter the Pinus Mungo wellness center, you take a step into a world of authenticity that will recharge your body in a unique way. The blend of the modern and the unique is naturally integrated into the inimitable experience of the visit to the rustic Brechlbad sauna, where your feet are stimulated by the branches of the pine trees and the natural scents provide pleasant relaxation.

"In the area of the Rittner Horn, a multitude of springs bubble up. Our water comes from there too. We have begun to carbonate the excellent natural spring water that supplies our entire hotel in-house and now we can serve our own water and act sustainably with reduced transport and lower COemissions."             HOTEL TANN


Slowdown Hotels - Hotel Tann, forest retreat, Ritten, Süd Tyrol, Italien


Slowdown hotels _ Tann_Ritten

Slowdown value: Come here for Tannorama relaxation


The tranquil room. You could call it that, as it holds special energy from the moment you enter. The room is warm and it smells of fresh wood. It has wooden floors and a huge window that reveals one of the most beautiful panoramic views. Peace for body and soul.

Sometimes it's not easy to switch off our minds when we are used to all the devices where everything is at our fingertips. In the "Tannorama" room, the interior merges with the exterior and the weather is the factor that spontaneously prompts us to put down all our devices and look far out into nature and finally just observe and relax...

Slowdown Hotels - Hotel Tann, forest retreat, Bolzano, Süd Tyrol
Slowdown Hotels - Hotel Tann, forest retreat, Bolzano, Süd Tyrol
Slowdown Hotels - Hotel Tann, forest retreat, Bolzano, Süd Tyrol

breakfast  selection

breakfast specialities


Slowdown value: Come here to enjoy the views from your room

This year, a major renovation was completed and most of the rooms have been redesigned in a modern style with an emphasis on sustainability and natural materials. The concept of a mountain chalet and connection to the forest has remained a silver thread, and you will be reminded of that by the many details in your room. During our visit, we stayed in room 203, with a view of Latemar. Calm evenings, endless sunsets, and fresh mountain mornings are moments that remain forever etched in memory, timeless and spectacular as they were every day.


"The pleasant warmth at the Tann is achieved completely in harmony with nature. When it comes to energy generation, Tann emphasizes environmental sustainability. The fuel for our modern and low-emission biomass heating system comes from sustainably managed forests; the system is fed exclusively with wood from the Ritten." 




Slowdown Hotels_ Tann Ritten

Slowdown value: Come here for food detox.

Cuisine can be considered the hotel’s trump card. In charge of the menu is Barbara Untermarzoner, co-owner of the hotel and award-winning chef. She and her team will put the forest on your plate. Hotel Tann is known for original recipes and dishes prepared with ingredients grown in the forest and in their own garden. A fascinating variety of dishes you've never tasted before, all of which taste delicious.


Especially well-conceived is the breakfast menu. Breakfast is a special experience at the Tann Hotel, especially if you take Tann's Wellness Master Alexandra’s advice on what and how to eat during your holiday to restore your body's energy and strength.

A variety of homemade spreads, juices, and pantry… all fall in line with the idea of food as detox and food as a source of quality nutrients, not just a meal to fill the stomach. It is another important  "slowdown" experience.


"Everything is homemade, fragrant and crisp, warm and fresh. A wake-up experience that you’ve always dreamed of."   HOTEL TANN



"Here Mother Nature writes the shopping list. What comes onto the plate is untamed, colorful, and bursting with flavor. The secret of our forest kitchen: knowledge and love."    HOTEL TANN


Slowdown value: Chef Barbara Untermarzoner


Her cuisine is a step above the fresh and local ingredients that form the base and are sourced from the surrounding farms. This is a true fusion with the forest, which Barbara and her team transform into a dish, adding a new character and a new dimension to the plate. A rainbow of different ingredients on your plate is one aspect of the variety that the menu is renowned for. The mapping of nature, the garden, and the forest onto the plate and the taste is also a visual experience.


Slowdown value: Come here to taste the legendary forest cuisine.

Dinner is a culinary experience and another invitation to the forest. You may notice Barbara returning from the forest early in the morning with freshly picked ingredients such as blueberries, mushrooms... sometimes even a spruce branch...




"This is a place where time and mindfulness are the order of the day. Freshly harvested or gathered in the forest. Everything when it’s ready, following the natural rhythm of nature. Along with selected South Tyrolean quality, products and ingredients that are sustainably produced."        HOTEL TANN


Slowdown Hotels Tann

Slowdown value: Come here to feel the life above the clouds.

All the rooms in the building have retained special energy familiar to those who love to go to the mountains and enjoy the simplicity and authenticity of mountain huts. Of course, everything here is now modern, comfortable, and updated, but sitting in the lounge room with its large windows really does feel like sitting on a summit and admiring the end of the day, be it perched on a rock, or stretched in a comfortable armchair. 


The common areas of the hotel are interspersed with meticulously decorated rooms that provide a feeling of homeliness and comfort. There are a few ways to spend the evening in the hotel: play cards, enjoy a chat or a glass of wine, or appreciate the uniqueness of the interior.


Slowdown value: Majestic nature and panoramic hikes

The Tann inspires wanderlust. 400 km of hiking trails are just waiting for you to explore. And another good thing: they begin right by the hotel. A hike with overwhelming panoramic views. The Dolomites in widescreen format. It starts at the Schwarzseespitze, the mountain station of the Rittner Horn mountain railway. Follow the “Panoramaweg” signposts, and you will soon come to an unusual rest area. 

The Ritten Earth Pyramids.


The unique Ritten Earth Pyramids. The bizarre landscape with its clay pyramids, some of which are 30 meters tall, is well worth visiting. Just a short ride from Tann, you can hike a thousand years back in history and get to know how these natural wonders happened.

Forest bathing: The purest of being in Tann.

"Forest bathing is about conscious perception, feeling and experiencing, about mindfulness and yes – also about slowing down and stillness.

A detox from everyday life. At the Forest Hotel Tann, we celebrate this special experience in the form of a wellness ritual that affects the body, mind, and soul in equal measure. Forest bathing goes deep, and has a holistic effect. Consciously immerse yourself in the sounds and scents of this habitat, in its natural and primal force. Simply mute the chatter of the mind and surrender yourself completely to sensory perception."





Your best slowdown


begins here...

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