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Bressanone/Brixen, Italy

Haller Suites & Restaurant

Photo & text credit: Slowdown Hotels


Your best slowdown


begins here...

Weinbergstraße 68

Brixen (BZ) - South Tyrol

T +39 0472 834601

It is true that scenic views will calm one’s soul, and here we are exposed to beautiful panoramas right from the start. The effect of living on slopes that spread out over the valley and face the sun is always the "slowdown effect". When we change perspective and become aware of the vastness of the horizon, we instantly feel the freedom of being.

Slowdown value: Sunny hillside with vineyards

The village of Kranebitt will charm you from the moment you arrive. From Bressanone, you quickly climb a winding road up a sunny hillside and find yourself amidst verdant vines. The carefully cultivated slopes never cease to amaze with their beauty and dedication to nature demonstrated by the people that work here. One thing is for sure: a nature so cherished really is paradise on earth.



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Slowdown value: Landscape architecture

Here, the architecture blends with nature. The hotel is thoughtfully integrated into the natural environment and mimics the characteristics of vines resting on wooden plinths. Sustainable building practices have been incorporated into this new concept. The roof is overgrown with grass and turned into a Panoramic Rooftop Terrace, where the view opens to distant horizons and calms the mind. 


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The plants that decorate the balconies also contribute much to the sense of intimacy, and the relaxing green palette of the building and keep the temperatures down during the summer.


"In the midst of our vineyard, you will find 18 new rooms. An inebriating view among verdant, curling vines, the majestic mountains, and Bressanone."   HALLER

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"Life is not a balance, but the beauty of a constant interplay of activity and calming of the mind." 

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"Bathroom needs natural daylight. The experience of a bathroom with abundant sunlight is priceless, therefore we have designed the rooms to function as sustainably as possible and as a result, use as little artificial light as possible. "

Slowdown value: Open spaces and daylight

Sunlight gives us strength and guides us. It gently wakes us up in the morning no matter the season, and signals the end of the day in the evening as the last ray of the sun disappears, reminding us that according to natural biorhythm, it is time to rest and regenerate.





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Healthy and succulent grapes have the same conditions as humans do, and the designers of the resort have taken this into consideration when planning the layout of the hotel. All the rooms face the sun and are designed to allow the guests to take full advantage of the daylight in every corner and the room, including the bathroom, for as long as possible.




" We do not have additional light on balconies in the evening, as insects also have a biorhythm and need to sleep. Therefore, we do not over-illuminate exterior facades because we respect the natural space of the insects, which is important for growing our natural crops."

Slowdown value: Blending lifestyle

Theresa is a young hotel owner who is pouring her passion into the revamped Haller family's hospitality concept. She blends tradition, wherein the "slowdown" approach to life lies, with the modern art of living, creating a combination of work and rest that is all her own.




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"I find it hard to switch off my creativity and the ideas that come to me on the spur of the moment, so I don't bother and don't look for distractions, here the environment offers spontaneity, a natural relaxation, where you let your thoughts run free and even though the surroundings stimulate and inspire you, moments in the day or a walk in the vineyard calm you down and relax you." 

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Slowdown value: Vineyard wellness

We rarely realize that cultivated nature also provides a plethora of options for relaxation and unique wellness. The terraced vineyards are perfect for a walk and to let your mind wander. Due to their placement on the hillside, the vineyards are pleasantly breezy and offer pleasant refuge from the heat.


"It is a special experience to lay down among the vines, immersing yourself in the orchard, and the regularity of the vineyards provides special relaxation as you gaze into the endless tunnels of greenery." 

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breakfast  selection

breakfast specialities

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Slowdown value: Levin's AO natural food

Food and wine also make for a wellness experience, and Haller has the perfect combination. Here, evenings are dedicated to culinary delights and savouring a glass of selected local wine, sourced from local vineyards.


The rich flavours, thoughtful textures and visual appearance of the tableware stimulate all the senses. The AO restaurant will convince you with natural flavours and delight you with a combination of seemingly simple ingredients mixed in a cocktail of sophisticated tastes.

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AO restaurant is about balanced slow food fantasy that thoughtfully builds or deescalates the intensity and richness of each dish that makes up the 4 or 7-course menu. 



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"The origin of  the food is crucial"   LEVIN, AO RESTAURANT, HALLER


Slowdown value: The garden

For Levin, the origin of food is of paramount importance. The knowledge and perseverance invested in planting, nurturing, and harvesting the first fragrant and fresh fruits are the keys to delicious and healthy food. The garden is therefore crucial, as Levin is able to get much of the seasonal ingredients from the garden and serve them on a plate a few hours later.


Above all, it is important to know that the hotel has adopted a strict organic and biodynamic approach to growing the vegetables, without the use of any artificial fertilizers. If the fruit turns, it is simply not offered on the plate.


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Slowdown value: Breakfast, easy like Sunday morning


Breakfast is served in AO Restaurant and you will taste honest products from their farmers from the area. Eggs from happy South Tyrolean hens, regional ham & bacon, cheese, fresh fruits, homemade jams, hearty egg dishes, 'Brimi' yogurt from the dairy farm in Brixen/Bressanone, homemade granola and muesli, handmade bread, oven-warm brioches, and cakes from Julia, their patisserie.

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"Taste honest products. Breakfast is served on the table with only the best products from the local surroundings. "   



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Slowdown value: Rooftop yoga sala

In the early morning or late afternoon, empty your thoughts, feel every cell of your body, and meditate on the rooftop of the Haller Suites & Restaurant.

Let your mind wander down the slope to the valley, towards the town, feel the ground beneath your feet and feel the moment.

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Calm your body, cast your eyes on the sea of green and follow the winding vines.
Here and now.
The moment when you feel the "slowdown effect".

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Slowdown value: Extend your views at Plose

Although Haller is immensely attractive when the vines are green as well as in autumn, when the leaves turn yellow and the hillside radiates in golden light on a sunny day, the location is also ideal for hiking and skiing enthusiasts.

10 km away is Plose, where you can enjoy a perfect winter day of skiing.

Slowdown value: Walk to the town

The location of Haller is unique: at the same time, it allows you to escape to the hillside to get away from the hustle and bustle, or to take a short walk to the old town of Bressanone, which is situated at the foot of the valley. The town stands out with a very relaxed way of life, where it's easy to blend in with the locals and enjoy authentic Italian coffee.

Slowdown value: The wine

The uniqueness of Haller is certainly evident in their winemaking tradition. Haller grows two varieties of white wine, Silvaner, and Kerner, on its stretch of sunny slopes. In cooperation with their neighboring wineries, they produce a small quantity of wine to meet their own needs. The restaurant also offers other wines from neighboring wineries, which can be seen from their terrace and tasted at dinner in their AO Restaurant.



Your best slowdown


begins here...

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