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Your best slowdown


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Via per Miasino
Orta San Giulio – NO – Italy
Telephone: +39 389 3113813

La Darbia is the perfect »slowdown« getaway either you spend the entire visit on the family estate or enrich the stay with the charm of Italian villages that have preserved their architectural and cultural authenticity and beauty. Words can hardly describe the very first impression of entering the estate and realizing the uniqueness of the surroundings, the woods, the trees, and the hilltop location, enchanting due to an unforgettable view of the countryside.


La Darbia was designed by brothers and architects Gian Carlo and Matteo Primatesta, locals who are intimately familiar with and immensely appreciative of the energies of the magical Lake Orta, considered by many to be one of the most beautiful and scenic lakes in Italy. When the opportunity arose, they bought the land and set up the property of La Darbia. The beginning of the estate was a patch of forest, growing over some ruins of an observation tower that used to serve as a hiding place for bird hunters, and an old vine.


"With a vision and an idea of their home, they designed La Darbia in the way that they want their guests to experience this mesmerizing and magical place, its history, architecture, and culture in the heart of authentic Piedmont. The experience of La Darbia is one of luxury, and also one of warmth, intimacy, and home. There is no exaggeration, but plenty of excess and kindness."   SLOWDOWN HOTELS

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Slowdown value: The "slowdown effect" of the arrival

Whenever the approach to the hotel is mysterious enough you decide every so often to check just in case whether the narrow road is the one you should be on, you know whatever awaits at the end must be wonderful. You just feel you are on your way to something that is a real slowdown compared to everyday life, and that you will experience something special.

It’s a WOW effect once giant gates let you to the estate. A hidden land that reveals itself as the door leaves open slowly and in a grand manner. It’s as if you’ve just found a nest in the branches of a huge old chestnut tree at the top of the hill that you climbed up to. Here you find surrounded by ancient forest and mighty trees, but after a moment the view opens across the hills close to the lake and touches the surrounding mountain peaks. A world of “slowdown” is revealed to you when you discover La Darbia.

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Slowdown value: The power of the ancient trees and forest.

La Darbia aims to preserve the pristine environment and the estate is designed to preserve the old trees and vines. The creators, were determined to preserve the trees and the forest, keeping the landscape as authentic and natural as possible.


No tree was cut to make place for the resort. The mighty, healthy trees create a unique atmosphere and a slowdown effect so special that needs a name. The apartment area is nestled among the branches of the trees, which offer protection from the sun and naturally create cozy corners perfect for resting in the sun or watching the playful game of sun rays and shadows. Thus, the setting remains whimsical throughout the day.

"When the rhythm of your mind is in harmony with the sounds of nature, your body fades into the green." SLOWDOWN HOTELS

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"La Darbia aims to preserve the pristine environment and the estate is designed to preserve the old trees and vines."

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"The point of a Slowdown Retreat is to rediscover the freedom and comfort of living. The La Darbia apartments are therefore designed in such a way to offer the rhythm and comfort of a homestay while not being designed as typical apartments."    SLOWDOWN HOTELS

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"Upon arrival, the greeting and an invitation to a slowdown experience will immediately stimulate all senses. Freshly baked "Paradise cake", fluffy biscuits, locally sourced coffee... La Darbia will impress and surprise you many times during your stay with the way you are received and treated, and encouraged to little slowdown moments that will remain in your heart."          SLOWDOWN HOTELS

Slowdown value: A freedom of a homestay apartment-style

It is rather just the style of the rooms of La Darbia that can be considered a new kind of Slowdown retreat, one that nevertheless offers the full hotel experience.


The freedom to choose. to prepare your own meal or choose one from the menu, all the while having full access to the restaurant, available, which caters to a desire to tailor your break to your plans and your needs. The interior is modern and built from predominantly natural materials. The suites come either with a private garden surrounded by vines or a private balcony sporting a majestic view across the resort, all the way to Lake Orta and the snow-capped summit of Monte Rosa, one of the highest mountains in Europe at 4643 meters. The apartments are comfortable, yet natural and peaceful.

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"The apartments offer a real feel of the comfort of an authentic home. They come either with a private garden surrounded by vines or a private balcony sporting a majestic view across the resort, all the way to Lake Orta and the snow-capped summit of Monte Rosa, one of the highest mountains in Europe at 4643 meters.        SLOWDOWN HOTELS


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Slowdown value: Kilometer 0 breakfast

Breakfast is one of our favorite slowdown moments since we conceived the slowdown concept. The first meal of the day enjoyed and savored in good time sets the rhythm of that day.


Slow and serene morning is given at La Darbia, and their breakfast is a ritual in its own right. Delicious food and local delicacies are sourced within 0 km from the estate. The delicacies on the menu are of predominantly local origin, always fresh, scrumptious, juicy, and will simply melt in your mouth. Vegetables from the garden, homemade dairy products (especially butter), jams, chocolate cream, and homemade, freshly baked bread are there for you every morning.


The place where you choose to enjoy the morning meal is the "Slowdown effect" in and of itself. You choose your breakfast menu a day ahead and it is delivered to your apartment in the warm light of the morning at the hour you yourself have decided.




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Step inside

Lake luxury apartment

Lake Luxury apartment is located in the first floor. The living area and the double bedroom are part of a single large bright room. All the apartments come with private entrances from the parking side area.

Breakfast from

the dreams

One of the special slowdown experiences is to book the breakfast and eat it in the heart of their curated vegetable garden to enjoy a spectacular view.

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Slowdown value: Vegetable garden curated with a "slow life" philosophy

The garden is the heart of the estate, especially as it is not just an arrangement of decorative plants, it’s rather a vegetable garden conceived in an outdoor living room.






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"People need a combination of sun and shade, warmth, and chill to thrive. Taking that into perspective, La Darbia is a meditative escape, where sitting in the garden and appreciating the magnificent view it offers fills you with new energy."       SLOWDOWN HOTELS

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Garden like

living room

The garden with its characteristic pleasant and mild atmosphere is designed as a lounge room and a restaurant foyer, which is a treat for all senses. 

"This is to relax your senses and makes a perfect conclusion for a memorable visit. We are of course referring to the restaurant and the flavours of chef Matteo Monfrinotti's specialties. "    SLOWDOWN HOTELS

Slowdown value: Culinary master of the land of Piedmont - Matteo Monfrinotti


The menu tells a story of the cuisine and the flavors of the Piedmont region, with the local dishes being its most important chapter. Creative and elegant, the plates respect the tradition but interpret it in a contemporary way, showcasing the region's exquisite, genuine ingredients.

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Slow dinner story

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As soon as you step through the door, the greetings are friendly and the presentation is impressive.

Slowdown value: The pool as an altar

The swimming pool is like the altar in the heart of the estate, a sacred place offering a relaxing swim or a background for a yoga session or just for relaxing. The soothing sounds of water and the seemingly endless view of the surroundings straight from the mind of Paul Valery and his “The Spinner” conjure up the "ultimate slowdown effect".



Slowdown value: It's all set up to calm you down

The melodious garden by the pool offers a number of very private retreat spots with a sophisticated sense of the "slowdown experience".



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 ⓒSlowdown Hotels_ La DARBIA_ Insider (52).jpg

The story of the sunset

 ⓒSlowdown Hotels_ La DARBIA_ Insider (47).jpg

Not one day is alike here. Each evening, a red sky mirrored in the lake and in the swimming pool, adorned with the shadows of the surrounding peaks creates a special atmosphere that perfectly complements La Darbia's aesthetic. A magical "slowdown effect" of the nature.

 ⓒSlowdown Hotels_ La DARBIA_ Insider (418).jpg


Sunrise yoga

The swimming pool area is also like a gentle invitation to spend some relaxing time around and extend your views. Perhaps yoga is a beautiful way to connect you with the place to really feel and inhale the freedom it offers.

"In comparison to its larger neighbors Lake Maggiore and Lake Como, Lake Orta may be small in the surface, but shines like a jewel; it is, even more so than the beforementioned lakes, a place where an authentic life based on an authentic atmosphere takes precedence."      SLOWDOWN HOTELS

Slowdown value: La Dolce Vita of Lake Orta

The rhythm of the local life brings the experience full circle. La Darbia is a wholesome escape from modern life, a return to innocence, a taste of something out of time, a way of life recognized by people as "slow life". It provides just the type of environment that turns the focus inwards and towards the good things in life.


Once you get to know the rhythm of life and its harmony with the lake, the little town is sure to charm you and restore your taste for beauty and present time.

The village is a member of “I Borghi piú belli d’Italia” association.



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The Slowdown experience is rounded off by the village of Orta, built on a promontory on the eastern bank of the lake, close to Isola San Giulio with the basilica of the same name and a monumental seminary serving as a Benedictine monastery.



Your best slowdown


begins here...

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After a glass of excellent red wine, comes another tip to reinforce the authenticity of slowdown living. Warm hospitality, delicious food and a magical atmosphere are all synonymous with Italy, and all of that awaits you here.

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