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Photo credits: Hannes Niederkofler 

Your best slowdown


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Unterwalburgen 21 – Kematen | 39032 Sand in Taufers
Val Pusteria | South Tyrol | Italy
T. +39 0474 430 900

"Where the search for peace ends, freedom begins."      OLM NATURE ESCAPE

Welcome to the circle of nature. Where the most pristine way of living begins. OLM Nature Escape is the beginning of a true “Slowdown”. Between wide meadows, untouched snow landscapes, and deep forests, you become part of the ongoing cycle of nature – OLM. It welcomes you to a journey to your inner peace and power.

A place where you can be yourself and leave the world behind. OLM is a place where you only belong to nature, and your norms and values. Where you can leave the outer World and noise behind. A gentle place that resonates with nature inside and outside.



Light in nature creates a movement of colours.



"A place where you can be yourself and leave the world behind. OLM is a place where you only belong to nature, and your norms and values." OLM NATURE ESCAPE



Slowdown Value: To learn how to use natural resources

At OLM you can learn that a sustainable way of life is also modern, it doesn’t mean living without a bit of luxury, but it can be done differently. OLM is a green powerhouse and energy-self-sufficient Eco-aparthotel in the Dolomites with bold architecture that makes us wonder why no one thought about that before.


Slowdown Value: New luxury

The new luxury is retreating to remote locations but keeping your modern lifestyle. The way they contribute to different ways of setting the direction in tourism is first with their positive contribution to the environment. Their ApartSuites also offer you a workation space in the room.  As they are aware, sometimes work is part of your lifestyle and sometimes we need to change the place to get inspired and re-energised to do the work. But to keep a healthy balance in your ApartSuite, you can also have a chance to dim off the WiFi strength. You will notice the difference, especially in the evenings when calming down and getting yourself ready for sleep. Overall OLM offers discreet privacy and respect to your retreat to a place where you devote time to yourself.

OLM beautifully uses the landscape and creates a new ecosystem – a full circle of slowdown. OLM is a place where the whole ecosystem lives tolerantly and peacefully. Nature, people, and animals.


Photo credits: Manuel Kottersteger



ApartSuite M

Eco ApartSuite in South Tyrolean larch wood. Bedroom with king-size bed freestanding bathtub and panoramic view.


Slowdown Value: A place of power and peace

Feel a new way of living right from scratch. The healthiest living environment starts with the architecture and the use of materials. At OLM they build an energy self-sufficient building, CO2 neutral and independent with energetic construction and with the use of natural materials. They use a Geothermal heating plant and photovoltaic system placed all over the roof.

The new luxury is to disappear from the life where you constantly need to belong and prove you are enough and own the right things that will empower your life. 


Water world with rivers, glaciers, lakes, and waterfalls from the area is somehow connected to their natural swimming pool.



Their Spa is a pristine connection to nature and the landscape. With resource-saving implementation and operation they created a sustainable indoor and outdoor SPA in always pristine and with a natural feel and environment.



Slowdown Value: Water world – the elixir of life

One of the OLM elements from their ecosystem is also a power of the water world. They put the water into the heart of their circle. Water world with rivers, glaciers, lakes, and waterfalls from the area is somehow connected to their natural swimming pool.


What is the difference?

In a natural swimming pool, the “cleaning” system is nature itself. They do not need to use any chemicals to keep their water clean and health-friendly. Your skin is in a safe place here.



breakfast  selection

breakfast specialities


Slow world of water


Slowdown Value: A culinary freedom of real food

The food we eat should always be only the food we today know as “slow food”. But actually, there should not be any other form of the food, rather than real cooked meals, from nutritious & real ingredients and honest origin. This is PRENN°, OLM’s restaurant where you can meet new culinary freedom, away from the used hotel form of classic half board, here you will enter the culinary freedom.


Providing guests with a relaxed sense of freedom is the guiding principle at OLM. Therefore, gastronomy completely breaks away from the traditional half-board concept.

Slowdown Value: OLM dinner concept according to the culinary calendar of the OLM cuisine

OLM Culinary Chef Berni Aichner, who was a Sous-Chef for Norbert Niederkofler for many years, has developed a revolutionary concept of "Lust nach Genuss."


Guests book rooms with breakfast, consisting of carefully selected local products with a high organic content. In addition, they can choose freely: Depending on their mood and desire, they can either enjoy individual "Dine-Around" experiences in the region or use the kitchenette in their suite for self-catering. A specialty shop in the house provides corresponding shopping opportunities.


Alternatively, guests can be inspired by the culinary calendar of OLM's kitchen with its seasonal South Tyrolean-Mediterranean specialties, which they receive about two weeks before their arrival to experience delightful evenings tailored to their individual preferences during their stay. Additionally, Berni Aichner occasionally invites them to a culinary-themed evening with a creative tasting menu. The motto of the wine menu is "Best of South Tyrol," with a touch of Italy, France, Germany, and Austria. The wine list is excellently curated and exclusively features natural wines.


"OLM Nature Escape is a place that is a little different. A  home for those seeking peace and free spirits who embark on a journey to the source of life force in the constant rhythm of nature. Out of the mainstream, OLM takes you by the hand and shows you what counts."     OLM NATURE ESCAPE

Slowdown Value: Do it yourself

But what we love the most is learning something new and we also think taking time to cook food for yourself is a “Slowdown” experience. We know usually we love to take a break from cooking and thinking about what to eat by ourselves, but sometimes when you are offered a new kitchen in a new environment and the store to buy the products offers only hand-picked, regional, organic, and high-quality ingredients, then it’s time to enjoy one day per week to cook for yourself and enjoy the process and the result.





Your best slowdown


begins here...

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