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Chetzeron hotel

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In solitude, one meets oneself. When one withdraws from everyday life, mundane surroundings such as shops, roads, concrete, and the constant stimuli of the hears their inner voice. When the surroundings become so calm and somewhat distant, only then does one begin to feel how their consciousness is always in an excited state, and seldom one really has the opportunity to retreat into peace, into silence, into living with nature.

"Chetzeron is an invitation to rest the soul in modern comfort, to expand the horizon and to experience a new dimension of existence, offered by "slowdown" living."     SLOWDOWN HOTELS

Slowdown Hotels_Chetzeron_Crans Montana (29).jpg

Slowdown value: Sustainable building in harmony with nature & slow interior design

Slowdown architecture and interior are designed to give a different experience. Meticulously designed spaces and carefully selected materials are the key to the promise of a "slowdown" experience.


The building that hosts Chetzeron is very special, as the main building was once a top station of a gondola with a restaurant. When the new gondola was built nearby, the old building was abandoned and the current owner of Chetzeron, Sami Lamaa, in those days constantly found himself observing the slope where the station was located. His parents then sold the hotel & restaurant they owned in the valley and they bought the old gondola station.  The renovation was done in two parts. First, they opened the restaurant in 2009 and the hotel with 16 alpine-style rooms with incredible panoramic views in 2014.


"Definitely a place that has the "slowdown effect" in its very structure, no matter where you are in the hotel, you are always in close contact with nature, outside or inside."    SLOWDOWN HOTELS


Slowdown value: Authentic Alpine living

Today, Chetzeron celebrates authentic alpine living in a modern, sustainable interior. Authentic and natural materials were used during the renovation: the façade is clad in stone, there are solar panels on the roof providing energy and the interior combines the minimalism of an old building made from wood and stone with concrete and metal for a hint of modernity. Natural materials are used exclusively, everywhere.


There are no plastic or artificial materials. It's all sensibly and delicately arranged into an authentic hotel design based on the authenticity of materials, a healthy environment, and sophisticated comfort that always puts nature first. The design is clean and basic, with a view revealing all the beauty of the Alps providing the decoration. Every room has a wide panoramic view. Then there is of course the magnificently preserved central part of the building, where the gondola used to enter the station. Today, this part is glazed with huge panels of glass and offers a magnificent view across the valley and the surrounding mountain ranges.


Slowdown value: Rooms as an invitation to contemplate

The hotel offers 16 rooms and three different types: the Valley Room, the Corner Room sporting two huge windows and 180-degree panoramic views, and the Junior Suite, where you can watch the most beautiful sunsets from a private little living room.


All rooms are designed in a minimalist yet comfortable style. The large bed is always the centerpiece, offering a deep and restful sleep. The large windows double as comfortable corners to enjoy the moments when you can just sit, lose yourself in the distance, and let your mind wander, far over the misty mountains. The rooms are full of inspiration, from the panoramic views to the materials used, a homage to the surrounding nature, and a reminder to coexist with nature (without using plastic) and how little we really need. The beauty of living is finding harmony with nature, and it is nature that dictates the daily rhythm here. The daylight and the colours of the sky fill the hotel guests with an inexhaustible source of energy.




"The rooms are full of inspiration, from the panoramic views to the materials used, a homage to the surrounding nature and a reminder to coexist with nature (without using plastic) and how little we really need."   SLOWDOWN HOTELS

Slowdown Hotels_Chetzeron_Deluxe corner room

Slowdown value: Deluxe Corner Room with a magnificent 180-degree panorama

Our Slowdown experience was one of the corner room, which opens on both sides: the beautiful valley with its gem – the town of Crans Montana as well as towards the slopes and the mountain peaks. When you step into the room, the first thing that will mesmerize you is the smell of the forest, of the wood. A smell that will always take you back to your room above Crans-Montana. The enchantment of the room calms you down; sleep is a deep, peaceful, and rejuvenating experience. The room has a very bright and open feel, evoking a sense of freedom. You can watch the mountain peaks while you shower, as part of the bathroom is open towards the mountainside. Speaking of the bathroom, it is the origin of another seductive scent – that of natural cosmetics, which also transports you to the heart of the surrounding forests.



"Deluxe corner room has a very bright and open feel, evoking a sense of freedom. " 

Slowdown Hotels_Chetzeron_Deluxe corner room
Slowdown Hotels_Chetzeron_Deluxe corner room
Slowdown Hotels_Chetzeron_Crans Montana

Slowdown value: Breakfast with a "slowdown effect"

Walking down the stairs from the main lobby to the breakfast room is amazing thanks to the view... The "slowdown effect" happens.

The breakfast room is designed so that the view is turned into the main ingredient. All tables allow you to look in the distance, inviting you to slowly eat your first meal of the day.


Despite the location and the challenges of storing the food at height, the kitchen team is still committed to putting healthy, homemade, locally sourced ingredients on the breakfast bar. Freshly baked bread with a crispy crust and soft centre, homemade jams, local honey, homemade granola and waffles with homemade hazelnut cream, perfectly soft omelette, or perhaps the house speciality that can only be served at their altitude: A perfect poached egg; all is there, to satisfy every taste.


"There’s one more secret being kept in the kitchen that will be revealed during your stay: genuinely friendly staff is also an unforgettable experience, as they serve you not just the breakfast but an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction that you can almost taste with your food and drink."    SLOWDOWN HOTELS

Slowdown Hotels_ Chetzeron
Slowdown Hotels_ Chetzeron
Slowdown Hotels_ Chetzeron

Slowdown value: The magnificent panorama 

Built just above the tree line, the hotel resembles an eagle's nest, overlooking the surrounding majestic landscape. One side overlooks the valley with the town of Crans Montana, while the other side reveals the peaks of the mighty mountains and the slopes of the famous ski resort. Each room in the hotel has its own unique view of one or the other side, which makes the room feel calm and fills it with authentic scenes of high mountain nature. 

"During winter, the views are even more magical and tranquil, with the peaks covered in thick coats of snow. Summer is the time when the land is full of life, inviting you to discover the many delights of the highlands."    SLOWDOWN HOTELS


breakfast  selection

breakfast specialities

"The grace of sunny days brings a smile to your face and a sense of peace and tranquillity to your heart. The freedom of being 2112 meters above sea level is a unique experience and a real escape from the everyday life we are used to." 

Slowdown value: Weather governs the mood

Crans-Montana is famous for its sunny days, but when the weather changes, it is akin to an artistic performance. We arrived in a snowstorm and the experience could be described as walking into a cloud and entering a sanctuary that made us feel like we were floating within the cloud. Magical sunrises guarantee a magical awakening, as the sun rises above the mighty mountains, roll down the windows, and let the magic in.


The days of changing weather can also count as a special slowdown experience, when the clouds rise or descend into the valley below, the slopes become a stage on which the sun and the clouds dance. If sitting in the hotel's daytime lobby, it's like watching a documentary about the Alps in a fancy cinema.

Slowdown Hotels_Chetzeron_Crans Montana (5).jpg
Slowdown Hotels_Chetzeron_Crans Montana (20)_edited.jpg

Slowdown value: Soak up the well-being

Chetzeron is in perfect harmony with nature. The location constantly invites you to make the most of your day in pristine mountain nature, breathing fresh air, and no noise... It offers a testing ground for countless outdoor activities at any time of the year, or enjoy the comfort of a hotel that constantly connects you with nature.

In the afternoon, take time for a mini "slowdown" ritual to relax and re-energize. The panoramic rooftop pool has heated water and relaxes the body after an active day, or schedule a visit to the Finnish and Turkish saunas.  


"Chetzeron concept is based on privacy, and the indoor spa will accommodate two people who can enjoy a wellness experience as if they had a spa at home." SLOWDOWN HOTELS


Slowdown value: Slowdown lounge with reading corners

The main lobby sports a living area, where you can admire the magnificent panorama or spend the day with a book, just like in a cinema room. A rich collection of carefully selected books rest on shelves in the reading corners. In the evening, this space becomes even cosier with the winter fire crackling in the fireplace, the high ceilings, the smoky light and the comfortable armchairs create the atmosphere of a mountain chalet living room.


Design, textures and colours have been chosen carefully and thoughtfully, and at any time of the day the lobby provides a calm and cosy atmosphere and it is the place where you can always find a private corner and a peaceful haven to rest in.

Slowdown Hotels_ Chetzeron


Slowdown Hotels_ Chetzeron

Slowdown value: A culinary universe

Expect basic but heavenly and remember that what’s simple is true. The menu is seasonal for every meal. Sunday evenings are reserved for barbecue and Wednesdays are for raclette. You can also always choose any dish that is on the current seasonal menu.


The menu is a reinterpretation of Swiss classics that are typical for most mountain chalets, with the added touch of modern cooking techniques. If you fancy a barbecue evening, definitely take the opportunity to enjoy the unforgettable flavors of fresh meats. Although it may look basic, the flavors are heavenly and, above all, fit the context of a trip to the Alps.




Your best slowdown


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