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Hotel Pfösl

Photo & text credit: Slowdown Hotels

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Rio Nero 239050 

Nova Ponente - Italy

Phone +39 0471 616537

As you drive up the road from Bolzano through the wide gorge, you can't imagine that the last turn towards Deutschnofen opens up onto a sun-drenched plain, hugged by one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the Dolomites: the Latemar and the Rosengarten.

Slowdown value: Sunny plateau with panoramic views


The Pfösl Hotel is nestled right in the middle of this sunny glade. The wide meadow surrounded by woods feels like an oasis of relaxation from the moment you arrive, as the hotel is somewhat isolated, surrounded only by nature - the woods and the mountains in the background.


The hotel and garden have been designed so that at every turn you can find a corner where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, tea... and a »slowdown« moment of the day, overlooking the magnificent surroundings.



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Slowdown value: The power of serenity


The location of the hotel promises no one will disturb you when you don't want them to. Pfösl sports is one of the most private locations, being surrounded by nothing but nature for miles around, although still in close enough vicinity of local life and the well-known ski resort of Obereggen and the cross-country training center of Passoo di Lavazze.


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Our advice is to plan a longer holiday here so that you can appreciate the beneficial feeling of tranquillity. After three days, when your body and mind have calmed down, you will be able to experience the uniqueness of this location and the charm of the holistic offer of the Pfösl Hotel.


"Here you will find the space to enjoy holistic rejuvenation and make peace with yourself. Move around in the clear mountain air, savor our regional dishes and let us pamper you in our wellness area." HOTEL PFÖSL

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Slowdown value: Sunset mood

You have to go to Pfösl to experience the unforgettable sunsets that evoke the energy of a primitive world. The term primitive in this context of course describes a feeling of being connected to nature and enjoying the most natural "slowdown effect" that is sure to enchant and inspire you.


"The tranquillity of a chalet made entirely of wood is a peace that soothes the soul. Natural materials carry the essence of nature in the air. The interior is designed to calm each day and offer new ways to enjoy the "slowdown" atmosphere."

Slowdown value: Slowdown in the privacy of your own forest chalet

Our summer experience was one of dwelling in a small chalet, built and furnished according to the guidelines of sustainable living. 

Large windows bring nature inside and offer the experience of sitting in the heart of magical nature, soaking in its power. The magnificent views are also a source of inspiration, as they conjure the unforgettable »slowdown« moments, framed by the wooden windowsills and the majestic weather in the background. You can watch the sunset on a clear evening, enjoy the subtle daylight during the day in the house, and be amazed and envigorated each morning by the authentic life energy that only nature can awaken.





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Slowdown value: Self-healing powers


The Chalet offers a complete package for a healthy »slowdown« lifestyle. In addition to natural materials and a uniquely designed house (complete with interior), you will notice details to make your stay a healthy lifestyle that you will feel. In the bathroom, along with natural cosmetics, there's also a cup of special base bath salt, which you apply to your skin every day in the evening shower (after washing with the shower gel) and then rinse off with water for a natural skin detox. The sensation after you wash the salt off your skin will be soft, glowing skin.



"Exclusive forest chalet directly on the edge of the Pfösl forest with unique panorama view, linear and high quality furnished with swiss stone pine and natural materials, combined living and sleeping area, second sleeping and generous wood veranda for a special wellness experience." 

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Slowdown Value:  Exclusive Pfösl sleep experience



Sleeping is guaranteed to be a special experience as the bed is fitted with a special mattress. The Schram Sleep System, designed exclusively for Pfösl, is integrated into a box spring bed. The two-mattress system is a perfectly coordinated combination of a resilient top mattress and a stable base mattress that ensures complete relaxation and regeneration of body, mind, and soul during the night.


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"Having a good sleep during holidays is one of the most important aspects of rejuvenation and self-regeneration, here all is dedicated to ensuring the healthiest sleeping experience.

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Slowdown value: Holistic rejuvenation

Pfösl has one of the largest wellness areas in our portfolio, but despite its size, the facilities here offer one of the most private wellness experiences we can think of. Their wellness center thoughtfully combines relaxation areas and 8 different types of saunas. The whole area, complete with the outdoor garden where you can find an outdoor Jacuzzi in winter and the outdoor panoramic Finnish sauna, is a unique experience and every part of it tells its own story of calmness.


Here, each space has a unique way in which to assure relaxation, so you really can create your own mini rituals, intertwining them in innovative ways to create your own moments of relaxation.


"Breathe in the beneficial herbs that are added to saunas; slip into the refreshing water of the panoramic pool; lean back on one of the handmade loungers and savour the beauty of the alpine garden." 

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breakfast  selection

breakfast specialities

"Purify your body and soul with slow sauna rituals." 

Slowdown value: Healthy rituals

Create your own mini daily "slowdown" rituals to restore your energy. With many activities starting just outside the hotel door, you can plan short escapes into the surrounding countryside during the day. Take an easy hike along the local forest trails or put on your cross-country skis and enjoy the trail that starts at their meadows and continues along the track which takes you 26 km into the local countryside, … possibilities are almost endless.  


After good sweating, relax and regenerate in the spa or upgrade the experience with a "natural spa" treatment". Specially designed massages and treatments to help you feel great and speed up your body's regeneration, so you can be more active and relax faster during your break.

Slowdown Hotels - Pfösl
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Slowdown Hotels - Pfösl yoga

Slowdown value: The power of calm

One of the important "slowdown activities" that we recommend everyone to do during their visit is to attend a yoga session. Yoga is one of the less demanding activities that quickly relieve a tired mind of all the unnecessary worries of everyday life. Pfösl has two yoga rooms that are thoughtfully furnished and designed so that the energy of the space itself calms and cheers you up upon entering.

"Even if you are not a yoga practitioner, we encourage you to include a yoga session in your next holiday. Take part in a guided session offered by the hotel, or try just sitting for a while in the yoga room, which is available during the day. It's the best way to calm down your thoughts and really feel your body."                 SLOWDOWN HOTELS

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Slowdown value: A taste of nature

Dinner at Pfösl has an undeniable »slowdown effect«,  because of the ambiance, the service, and their »Taste of nature« concept, promoted by head chef Markus Thurner and his team. An explosion of flavors will be provided by exquisite dishes made from first-class local ingredients, either their own or produced on the surrounding high mountain farms. You'll taste the difference.


"Join us on a gourmet journey to enjoy the delights that Earth has given us. Experience how these ingredients come together to produce our lovingly prepared delicacies here at our South Tyrolean gourmet hotel. We use only high-quality seasonal ingredients that are mainly harvested locally. "         HOTEL PFÖSL

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Slowdown Hotels - Pfösl restaurant

Slowdown Value:  Naturawein

Wine lovers are welcomed by passionate sommeliers who will complement your gourmet journey with the perfect wine to accompany your uniquely selected menu.  You can discover the character of South Tyrol, or be taken around the world with a unique selection of fine wines. Indulge yourself.

"Sample our secrets. We are passionate about wines and their history, therefore our qualified sommelier and head of the house Daniel and our wine expert Oscar show great enthusiasm in tracking down authentic wines with their own character. "       HOTEL PFÖSL

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Slowdown value: Slow corners »just sit and enjoy«

Pfösl is a hotel with a plethora of different corners to spend time in the spirit of "just sit and enjoy", and 

'breathe and let be'. Each room of the hotel and the chalet offer specially designed comfort corners, where you can enjoy the view and a vitamin drink and on a sunny day.


We also need to mention the fascinating corners around the hotel and the garden. Here, each corner sets a unique mood and at each moment you can decide what kind of feeling, view, or position you will indulge.

"To calm the evening, taste original Pfösl Gin - Naturagin with a local  Southy Tyrolian Tonic. Also with other drinks from their Naturabar, they do not use any colorings, flavors enhancers, chemical additives, or other finishing agents in the product."

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Slowdown Hotels - Pfösl bar

320 days of sun, means a lot of cozy corners to spend your days slowly.

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Slowdown value: Mindful breakfast

The breakfast menu, as the first meal of the day, is thoughtfully designed. Most of the main dishes and ingredients are of local and regional origin, with an emphasis on organic sourcing. Breakfast is served as a buffet, yet you'll find freshly prepared traditional dishes, complete with freshly prepared products guaranteed to revitalize you and fill you with energy in the morning. Freshly squeezed detox juices, hand-picked homemade teas, freshly cut vegetables, locally sourced yogurts, and cereals that you mix yourself or choose from the flakes prepared the natural way.


On the buffet counters, you'll notice their love for sustainability and their desire to reduce waste - all ingredients are served in glass containers, or placed on stone pedestals, and none of the food comes in plastic. Breakfast is a truly mindful experience that makes you feel happy and gives you the energy to start your day with joy.

Slowdown value: The beauty of nature

Hotel Pfösl has a superb location to explore the surrounding nature that offers numerous biking trails, hiking trails, and beautiful forest paths for short or long walks. Here a retreat to nature is always on your doorstep and you can plan trips starting from the hotel doorstep or you take a short car ride to reach one of the Dolomites' most well-known destinations like Lake Carezza with majestic Latemar mountains group in the background. 

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