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Text credit: Slowdown Hotels 

Your best slowdown


begins here...

Templomszer 7, 9941 Őriszentpéter, Hungary 

Phone +36 70 416 3388

Slowdown Value: The location


Here life is calm and integrated with nature in a very pristine way. The vast countryside offers a real retreat from everyday life, as it is sparsely populated and gives this part a special tranquility and sense of peace. Pajta Restaurant is known for its Michelin Recommendation, and now, the experience is complete by adding seven modern, minimalist cabins Kástu for two people, built almost entirely of high-quality wood, outside and inside. You can see the starry sky from the bed and a spacious meadow from the shower. 


“The attraction of the landscape is so strong that it gives the guests the experience of reconnecting with nature in silence."    KASTU by Pajta

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Slowdown value: The beauty of the landscape of  Őrseg Nature Reserve

Here you will meet a peaceful landscape that will move you. Endless meadows spread out under the blue sky, quiet roads lead through a magical leafy forest, a landscape that opens the heart and soothes the soul and body.

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Slowdown value: Architecture of small


Nature and the invisible integration into it is the inspiration that guides Flora In Ferenc, the owners of the restaurant and the cabin accommodation. In close cooperation with the architect Gábor U. Nagy, in addition to the restaurant, they designed a unique accommodation that even more personifies a retreat into nature. 7 wooden houses, placed in a row on a mowed forest meadow, personify a remote retreat into nature.


The houses blend in completely with nature, using both materials and color palettes to create a "landscape architecture" that offers just enough intimacy and just the right amount of calmness to easily relax from the moment your arrive.





"The designer of the restaurant and the cabins is Gábor U. Nagy, the Ybl and Károly Kós prize-winning architect."   KASTU by Pajta

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Slowdown value: The hosts with the vision of a slow life


Flora and Ferenc are the hosts whose vision of creating something outstanding become a reality. They have moved from Budapest to this beautiful piece of land. We can confirm their first thoughts of this place: "What you feel when you arrive here is hard to describe." They have put city life behind them and focused on creating something valuable in the countryside.

They opened the Restaurant Pajta slowly 8 years ago, and until today their restaurant has been awarded many times with the highest awards. To offer a local story on the plate they source ingredients in the region; they buy from local farmers and they harvest the treasures of the surrounding forests and fields. They share beautiful & calm energy that invites you gently to enjoy their food and their idea to connect you with nature and rural life.





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Pajta's Slowdown effect

is their food & architecture

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He took the position of the Chef de cuisine in Pajta after the inspiration from the months he spent in Mexico. At Pajta he creates unique, culturally complex dishes from local ingredients at a consistently outstanding level, in line with the values that give the Pajta's character, the concept of sustainable gastronomy, that are worth coming around for.


Slowdown value: A culinary story for the curious

After tasting the local cuisine upgraded to a Michelin recommendation level, the architecture and the placement into nature add up to the experience of the place.  


We tasted the story of their Chef de cuisine István Akács who joined Pajta in April 2023. Before he worked in most progressive restaurants in the Hungarian countryside in the fine dining segment. Like Platán Bisztró, Onyx Restaurant,... His way of thinking was shaped by stints in Michelin-starred Scandinavian restaurants such as Norway's Maaemo or Denmark's Noma.

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"The cuisine is primarily based on the traditional dishes, best local ingredients of the Őrség, their organic garden and from the forest, but adds the professional knowledge and technology of modern cutting-edge restaurants, so expect a unique visual and tasting culinary journey."


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Slow breakfast culture

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Slowdown value:  The beauty of the slow morning

​Breakfast always completes the slowdown experience, and also in Pajta, breakfast is an experience that defines the morning. It's like entering the sunny meadow and enjoying the morning.

The experience is defined by the architecture, warm hospitality, and new flavors. The space, which opens on all sides towards the meadow, relaxes with the view towards outside nature. The play of sun and shadow creates cozy corners where you are slowly served breakfast.




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The breakfast is a mixture of traditional dishes served on your table. Handmade bread in the form of a braid has a divine sweet-salty touch and goes perfectly with both salty and sweet additions. Carefully selected homemade ingredients are served on the table, and you will find some of the dishes in the buffet section.

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 KÁSTU cabins.

Slowdown value: Nature retreat redefined


This architecture is redefining the way we slow down and rest. The charming size of Kastu cabins is their "Slowdown effect". The cabin is designed with the idea of ​​connecting you with nature. The central living room is an oasis of relaxation with the space open towards the meadow with lounge chairs that invite you to sit and slowdown. Perhaps you have never done it, or it was a long time ago you came to a place, where just sitting around the window is the most relaxing experience.




"The beauty of small-size architecture is its incredibly functional space arrangement that offers us a break from everyday life and invites us to spend the day peacefully."    SLOWDOWN HOTELS

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Kástu space

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Slowdown value:  Nature will slow you down

Birdsong adds a melody to the day, a light wind creates a gentle melody of wind rustling, and deer can visit you in the afternoon, ... The absence of proximity to the road, traffic, and the nearby urban environment offers a rare conditions where nature creates a real "Slowdown effect" of living.


Such retreat is a real rarity, and the effect of the absence of voices from the surroundings that we are used to is a real balm for our being, for taking a true rest and peaceful experience of sleeping.


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breakfast  selection

breakfast specialities

Slowdown value: The weather culise 

The weather also plays a special role as it adds atmosphere to the day. Weather phenomena define the day and form a fascinating backdrop that also adds to the uniqueness of the experience.

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The nature of

Orseg natural park

The vastness of the Orseg countryside opens your mind and leaves a memorable impression.

Slowdown value: The beauty of the pristine nature of Orseg Nature Park

Not only the experience of Pajta, but their local surroundings also present the pristine beauty of Orseg Natural Park. A rural countryside offers tranquil roads, no busy traffic roads, and fresh air but very well & precise marked trails, paths, and roads for activities. Just a step from your cabin you can follow many forest trails into the majestic leafy forest. The forest here seems very primitive, rich, and fertile. Wide meadows spread out in between.


The sparsely populated countryside and scattered settlements offer quiet roads where you can also go on cycling trips. The landscape, which gives the impression of being flat, is undulating and varied, providing a level playing field for enjoyable activities in the surrounding area. Since it is a nature reserve, you will find many marked hiking trails, cycling trails, and cultural landmarks that enrich the experience of your stay. 

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Your best slowdown


begins here...

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