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Photo credit: Gregor Hofbauer / Villa Alma

"Enjoy a unique retreat by the lake. A place of lightheartedness, where well-being, tranquillity and comfort are as natural as slipping into a pair of flip-flops on a hot summer's day. "      VILLA ALMA

Villa Alma is a lakeside house filled with history set in an idyllic location at the shore of Lake Wolfgang. This is a perfect place to “Slowdown” with your loved ones. A place that is comfortable & stylish in every single detail.



Light in nature creates a movement of colours.



"Lakeside Room is wonderfully bright and comfortably furnished. You will get a restful sleep in the king-size bed."       VILLA ALMA



Slowdown value:  Lakeside

Life by the lake has its own rhythm. Water has its calming effect and brings many possibilities to get you into movement or calm you down and relaxes your body. The same philosophy is weaved into Villa Alma. A house that gives you full comfort and every corner is designed the way to calm you down. Full of colors, to bring you into your happy mood, but also carefully selected to bring you a "slowdown" effect spontaneously.


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Slowdown value: Comfort

Comfort is crucial for any getaway, as only when we feel comfortable, we can truly unwind all our worries and let go. Here you can choose from nine stylishly furnished double rooms and suites that will become your home away from home.


In Villa Alma, stories are written that still entice to daydream weeks later and to whose place of origin one always gladly returns.

Wake up, let the lake breeze in and inhale the scent of the holiday. Surrounded by numerous mountains, forests and lakes, there are endless possibilities to explore the beautiful Salzkammergut with all its facets. Enjoy leisurely excursions on our vintage bicycles or climb the mountains. A little bit of everything. You decide!

"The sea is a real treasure chest of natural substances"


Wake up, let the lake breeze in and inhale the scent of the holiday.

Slowdown value: Breakfast by the lake

Wake up and greet the day with Villa Alma regional breakfast selection. During the day, you can enjoy freshly prepared snacks, coffees, and juices from Alma’s Deli.

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Slowdown value: Outdoor kitchen

On sunny days, they prepare a delicious breakfast for you in their outdoor kitchen and you will end the evening together with BBQs and sundowners.

Slowdown value: Honesty (bar)

At Alma's “Honesty Bar” you can help yourself to drinks and nibbles at any time of the day. It feels just like being at home. 


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breakfast  selection

breakfast specialities


"Explore surroundings with vintage bikes in a relaxed way or enjoy the landscape from the lake with paddleboards."   VILLA ALMA 

Slowdown value: Activities at your pace

At Villa Alma, you can easily feel at home and travel the near surrounding with ease.


Here you are close to nature and the natural beauty of the Salzkammergut region with the historic city Gmunden & Hallstatt. Or discover crystal clear water in a small mountain lake that is nestled in beautiful nature and surrounded by majestic mountains of the Salzkammergut. 


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Slowdown value: Privat beach

When you are in the need of privacy, to step away from all the noise and the feeling you need to be available to everybody all the time, come to Villa Alma and feel stress-free. With a boutique concept and direct access to Lake Wolfgang with a private beach and its own boathouse, be sure you can enjoy time for yourself.



Stay on the shore or dive in. Soak up the sun and relax. Bring your mat and flow your yoga moves... feel free and at home. 

Slowdown value: The lake

Change perspective, go on the water.

At Villa Alma, you can rent boats or paddleboards directly at their boathouse free of charge during the stay.


Slowdown value: Above and beyond

Schafbergbahn is a traditional rack railroad, you can comfortably reach the 1,783 m high Schafberg. In clear weather, you have a 360° panoramic view over the glittering lakes of the Salzkammergut and the Alpine foothills. All around rises the majestic mountains from the Höllengebirge over the Dachstein to the Watzmann.


Slowdown value: To enjoy the moment

When your idea is going somewhere, park the car and just enjoy carefree days with being at one place, here you will find many corners in the villa where you can easily just sit around, read, or relax in a comfortable environment. It is all prepared and designed the way to bring you your personal well-being.


"The view of Lake Wolfgang will make you dance with joy. Refresh yourself under the rain shower before heading downstairs to enjoy a fresh breakfast from their outdoor kitchen. Dream in suites with lake views. Just Wonderful."    VILLA ALMA

Slowdown value: Bathroom

The bathroom for us is a small sanctuary, therefore we always enjoy discovering this part of the room stays. The bathroom brings us our own very private wellness moment, to enjoy our beauty and skincare routines at ease. Here you are blessed with beautifully designed ones with a premium skincare line to enjoy your daily bathroom routines.



Take your time,

hop under the rain shower and pamper yourself with natural cosmetics by COWSHED. 

And you are ready to enjoy your day to the fullest!





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