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Photo credits: Slowdown Hotels &  Seebichl

Text credit: Slowdown Hotels 

Your best slowdown


begins here...

Seebichlweg 37, 6370 Kitzbühel, Tirol - Austria

T +43 5356 62525

Slowdown Value: Kitzbühel experience redefined


In Slowdown Insider, we wanted to make sure that Kitzbühel is actually a "slowdown" destination offering a unique experience of the Alpine world. It proved to be so, but not in the way you might imagine.


Kitzbühel, with its Hahnenkamm slope, is certainly not just the biggest prize that alpine skiers compete for in winter. It's not just a luxury destination for its lavish events or a set of Hollywood movies. It is above all the nature and the laid-back life you can experience both in summer and winter. Just a step away from the town center, you will always find a very different Kitzbuhel: calm, charming, and relaxing. Seebichel is inspired by the rich history of tourism, and the people coming here from the cities to get some fresh air, to retreat somewhere peaceful and quiet, and to just lie by the lake in summer and rest.


“This large holiday home is dedicated to imaginative thinkers, free spirits, and creative couples that enjoy slow life to the fullest."


Slowdown value: The coal black house by the black lake

Imagine the most creative and cozy Alpine living - you will find it in a coal-black house Seebichl. They have taken up the challenge to offer the authentic Kitzbühel rest and relaxation and turned it into a starting point, transforming their home into the Grand holiday house that captivates not with typical Alpine tradition but with an authentic and comfortable lifestyle.


The brothers painted the house black to replicate the effect of looking at the surface of a dark mountain lake. Green and black, contrasting and complementing each other, soothing and unique, as in nature. The interior of the hotel showcases design features from the times that historically made the place special. Since the Witzman family spends most of their time here, they have decorated and furnished the house to accommodate their own lifestyle. The colors, the unique furnishing, the flowers, and the surrounding greenery are an inexhaustible source of positive energy that overwhelms and calms you the moment you walk up to the reception desk. You know you've come... home.





Slowdown value: The good life of the past woven into a modern lifestyle.


Interior Design is a strong storyteller and "slowdown" vibe maker.  At Seebichl two brothers had their unique vision of how to create something inspiring in their homeland. They have taken their family home, the place they grew up, painting it carbon black, and filling it with designer furniture from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. The result is a courageous creation of the finest design that connected the good life of the past with the lives of modernity. The perfect combination of interior design allows us to slow down but inspires us in the here and now. 





"Seebichl was once Alfons Walde’s architectural offering and also Leni Riefenstahl’s film studio. Alfons Walde is considered one of the most important representatives of Austrian modernism.
The large-format pictures with snow and mountain landscapes and his famous sports subjects are among the main works presented in the Kitzbühel Museum."


"Witzmann brother's playground of personal creativity and ideas setting the standard of slow living getaway."




Slowdown value: Food from the people who know and from the people they know.

They believe in quality, not quantity and the breakfast selection is rich in diversity of flavors, carefully selected and prepared out of delicious delicacies exclusively from the people that know and from the people they know.


"Only the best. Only for you."    SEEBICHL



"Master butcher Fuchs produces ham and sausages - the best in Kitzbühel. Their crispy bread is baked by Neumayr from nearby Aurach. Yoghurt, milk, and cheese are supplied by local farmers, pickled fish come from a cold mountain spring water, jams, and compotes are homemade, loose teas are supplied by Demmer teahouse in Vienna and J. HORNIG provides the coffee."




Lobby to cultivate slow living.


Slowdown value: Creating slow living through design and creative reinterpretation of everything ...

When you put together all the below design classics you can be sure you will step into a unique ambiance. And yet this house has a very interesting history as before becoming Seebichl Hotel, it was once Alfons Walde's architectural offering and also a Leni Riefenstahl's film studio. Also due to that fact, The Witzmann brothers kept this house as their creative playground that always inspires and offers a creative hideaway filled with special energy where you can cultivate your "chill out" habits and let life live as this inspire you.




Seebichl  - a home of design:

Carl Auböck ● teNeues books ● Franz Schuster ● Jiri Jiroutek ● THONET chairs ● rupert nikoll ● anna popelka & georg poduschka ● chairsandmore ● interier praha ● IUMI Steckdesign ● Alfons Walde ● Antonin Suman ● terrific tubes ● ingo maurer blow me up ● Berndorf ● standard high wheels ● silkeborg ● karasek wien ● willy guhl ● eternit ● eugenia loli ● edsby verken ● drehform ● wiesner hager ● zafferano ● riess emaille ● KONA bikes ● Mike Schierz ● austro sessel ● big green egg ● nuova simonelli ● wertheim werke wien ● franz ritsch ● duralex ● boska fondue ● Johanna Daimer Filze ● Leidenfrost ● Bergschmiede ● Werkstätten Gierer ● zomorrodi-teppiche


Slowdown value: Cultivate your "chill out" habit and open your mind to get inspired yourself ...

The garden is like an extension of good vibes from the house, taken outside in the sun. When you are not in the mood to hike or bike the famous surround of Kitzbühel, you can relax and soak up good times in their charming garden. Relax in outdoor bathtubs or take a sauna with direct access to the garden with lush vegetation and tiny little corners, designed chairs, and tables that invite you to spet time slowly just sitting around.








regeneration mode.

Small, but sophisticated and refined in design.

"When the restaurant is crowded with locals you know the place and the food must be one of the best."


Slowdown value:  An Ultimate place to have dinner

The heart of Seebichl is its restaurant, where you can have breakfast in the morning and treat yourself to one of the most enjoyable events of the day in the evening.  Here you literally find yourself on the sunny side of the Alps, and if you were to remove the mountains from the horizon, you would certainly be forgiven if you were to believe you were sitting on a sun terrace by the sea, enjoying the sunset.


The colors and interior design are carefully chosen to complement the atmosphere, which is created by the good food and drinks offered at dinner. Here you will experience a different Kitzbühel, the authentic one, harkening to the times past. The Seebichl's sun terrace will also connect you with local guests, as the restaurant is open to outside guests in the evenings.





THE menu

"Over the years, an independent kitchen culture has developed in Seebichl. Uncompromising regional ingredients blend with new ideas and ancient recipes, resulting in daily handmade delicacies, because the time to eat well is time well spent."    

Slowdown Hotels_SEEBICHL_Insider summer 2023 (157).jpg

Slowdown value:  A boutique alpine living redefined

Rooms are decorated in a comfortable Alpine style with a sense of aesthetics of handmade designer furniture and finer aspects of living. The colors in the room are subdued, but you can feel them creating a cozy and warm atmosphere.




inspired rooms

A temporary home for lovers of everything alpine offers 26 rooms, designed specifically for such a lifestyle.

breakfast  selection

breakfast specialities

Slowdown value: Balcony mood 

The view from the Neval room crosses the greenery of the nearby forest to the mountain peaks in the distance. An especially unique feature of the room is its balcony painted in black, sporting furniture in contrasting colors of red and sky blue. Typical coffee tables have also been retained. They can be neatly tucked against the wall or create a typical Alpine scene that looks just as unique today as it did before.

Slowdown Hotels_SEEBICHL_Insider summer 2023 (258).jpg

Summer by the BLACK LAKE

Seebichl is located in the immediate vicinity of Schwarsee / Black Lake, calling to you from across a nearby meadow and through the forest – the trees, the undergrowth, and the pebbles have brought you to a beautiful shore with special "slowdown effect".


Slowdown value: Slowdown trails & panoramic views of Kitzbühel

Seebichl is also an excellent starting point for countless quiet trails leading through the surrounding forests, through the valley villages, and up the surrounding slopes, to reveal views of the Austrian Alps. For mountain and gravel biking enthusiasts, Seebichel is a true paradise, best explored with some insider tips by Maximillian.

"Kitz is not always as touristy as you might think. Of course, there is the Hahnenkamm race, the tennis tournament, and the many golf courses. But the Kitz has so much more! Leave trampled tracks and tourist locations behind and just explore a little bit – won’t be long until you discover the Kitz’s hidden gems. The Witzmann brothers have created their own "Guide", worth reading, both in summer and winter."

The other side of KITZBÜHEL

Scroll the gallery to get the Slowdown Insider experience of the panoramic tour of the area on two wheels. Kitzbühel is sure to surprise you with its rugged terrain, leading toward surrounding valleys, offering hikes of a different kind, with pleasant climbs, beautiful views, and ideal cycle paths, which are, incidentally, extremely well signposted.


Your best slowdown


begins here...

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