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Photo & text credit: Slowdown Hotels


Your best slowdown


begins here...

Peterhof Chalets
Alpe Furx 25, 6835 Zwischenwasser, AUT

+43 5522 42 882


The solitude and remote places possess an inexplicable charm.
It cannot be explained, it must be experienced.

Slowdown value: Serenity of the solitude

Patrick is the current owner and fourth generation of founders of Peterhof Chalets. An alpine skier in his younger days, who later worked for 6 years in Canada as a heli-skiing guide, he is now channeling his passion for living in nature into a new concept that has the "slowdown effect" coded in its DNA. Rediscover the definition of serenity and peace. This is the beauty of being.


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Peterhof_chalets_Furx_Aut (77).jpg

Slowdown value: Architectural statement

Peterhof Furx boasts a 40-year tradition of hospitality, and the fourth generation of hosts with their new architectural design has further embraced sustainable living with nature and preserving life in remote corners of the countryside as an idea of a sanctuary always genuine, peaceful, tranquil and natural.

Peterhof_chalets_Furx_Aut (38).jpg

Peterhof chalets have always been synonymous with a retreat into authentic mountain living. But with its new architecture, it offers a whole new dimension to the experience, so you can tailor your stay to your taste. It offers you privacy as well as community. It offers you seclusion while making sure you have everything you need. It offers a new experience and a new way of living that will relax and inspire.


"The Peterhof has long been a sanctuary for tranquility, peace, and relaxation."      PETERHOF FURX

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Peterhof_chalets_Furx_Aut (40).jpg

Slowdown value: In harmony with nature

At first glance, the road ends at the top of the hill, and the Peterhof chalets are, with ten other dwellings, the last houses there. But the "slowdown" life is just beginning here. Peterhof is a great starting point for many forest hikes to the surrounding viewpoints, even in winter.

"The spacious chalets with 85 square meters of living space and 20 square meters of terrace space are suitable for two to four people."    PETERHOF CHALETS


Slow life


Peterhof chalets are an inspiring experience of living in a sustainable house.

"The art is to think functionality and beauty together."

Slowdown value: Purist furnishing

The framework and interior design of the house are designed to also influence your well-being. Every detail has been meticulously designed and every corner of the house is relaxing. The house is designed specifically to allow you to relax while offering extra comfort so that you can finally find the time to open that book you wanted to read for so long, listen to music, look into the distance, and contemplate or take a nap,... Experience living in your own house, designed in such a way that just being here will restore your energy and fill you with happiness.





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Slowdown value: Breakfast

Breakfast is the "slowdown effect" of the morning. Here, breakfast is delivered to your doorstep in a wooden crate, reminiscing the food delivery in the old days. It feels like home, but much better, with fresh ingredients and local produce waiting for you every morning. You decide the rhythm of the morning. Treat yourself to breakfast in pajamas, in the kitchen, on the terrace... Take your time. Enjoy.



"It feels like home, but much better, with fresh ingredients and local produce waiting for you every morning. You decide the rhythm of the morning." 



your private



Each Chalet has its own wellness area built within the bedroom. For your very private retreat, you will find a sauna and an outdoor bathtub, for cold or hot baths on the terrace.

Peterhof_chalets_Furx_Aut (52).jpg

"Imagine for a moment that you prepare yourself a bath in your favorite part of the day, put your headphones on, listen to relaxing music, and enjoy the view.  This is truly called the "slowdown effect."       SLOWDOWN HOTELS

Peterhof_chalets_Furx_Aut (114).jpg

Behind the chalets - a paradise


Slowdown Hotels_Peterhof_DRONE (7).jpg

Slowdown value: Mindful escapes to nature

Escapes to nature will spice up the comfort of the house. In addition to wellness rituals, you can also enjoy rituals during short walks, run or bike in the woods. The pine forest here will enchant you, lift you up, and calm you down at the same time. If you are familiar with the effects of forest bathing, you will enjoy many paths through the fragrant spruce forest...

"Nestled gently between heaven and earth, our ten chalets are distributed around the inn. Stylish architecture, natural wood construction, and an alpine play of colors give form to tranquillity. " 

Peterhof_chalets_Furx_Aut (110).jpg



breakfast  selection

breakfast specialities

"Slowdown the day by watching the stars from your private terrace. " 

Peterhof_chalets_Furx_Aut (121).jpg

Slowdown value: Evening retreat.

Each chalet has a perfect setting to enjoy evenings on your private terrace and observe the night sky. Cooler temperatures in the evenings make it comfortable to cool you down before sleep. Chalet nr. 2 has a view open towards the valley and at night you can also observe all the lights that mingle below and above you. 

Peterhof_chalets_Furx_Aut (123).jpg

The restaurant

Taste traditional food in a warm & familiar atmosphere.

Peterhof_chalets_Furx_Aut (111).jpg

Slowdown value: Realize the meaning of time

Sometimes time seems to pass at the speed of light. We are constantly chasing our own schedules and the work schedules of those we need to see to get things done. When this happens often, a break is needed. A retreat to life where everything seems important disappears around us. What remains is what we really need. That is the essence of Peterhof chalets. Your neighbors will be horses, chickens, and deer. You will remember how many hours there really are in a day and how nice it is to spend time in harmony with nature. Everything can wait, you just have to take your time and allow things to run their course. Everything is coming your way.


"Everything can wait, you just have to take your time and allow things to run their course. Everything is coming your way. " PETERHOF CHALETS

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Peterhof_chalets_Furx_Aut (8).jpg

Slowdown value: Sustainable way of living

Life on the farm can also take a different form. At first glance, you won't notice that a small farm with horses, chickens, sheep, and deer is a part of the sustainable vision of the Peterhof chalets concept. Animals have always been man's companions and create a special harmony when they are part of the living environment.




Your best slowdown


begins here...

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