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der Forsterhof

Photo & text credit: Slowdown Hotels


Your best slowdown


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Brauhausstraße 45
Algund/Forst, South Tyrol

 +39 0473 448578

The Forsterhof is a veritable oasis when you choose to retreat somewhere to really enjoy your private space. This elegant hotel sporting contemporary architecture is located among the terraced orchards of the village of Lagundo.

Slowdown value: Let go at your own pace


Here the views reach far and away on all sides, overlooking Merano and the mountains. A splendid location to enjoy the concept of a private wellness experience, as they offer rooms that include a sauna and a massage tub. Their holiday philosophy is set to "Slowdown" and they carefully planned that this experience is truly felt as soon as you arrive.


All rooms are oriented in such a way as to afford a view of the spacious orchards in the vicinity. As you drive to the hotel along a narrow road that winds through diligently cultivated gardens, you feel the authenticity of life where food and produce are valued and respected. You will taste the effort invested in harvesting the fruit and processing it when you are served fresh and homemade delicacies for breakfast.





Slowdown value: Calming elegance with deep roots

From a small hotel and a fruit farm growing and processing its own fruits, the Forsterhof evolved into an elegant hotel in 2018, with clean lines that discreetly blend into its close environment. With lush orchards, Forsterhof seems to be surrounded by a green scarf of trees, sitting at peace at the foot of the surrounding mountains.



Despite the elegance that is evident in every detail of the hotel’s design, which will subconsciously slow down your day, the core of the hotel remains a family that lives and breathes with their own orchards. They grow apples, apricots, figs, pomegranates, ...


The Forsterhof also has a great location. Lagundo is a village that is practically a suburb of Merano, as the center of Merano is only 5 minutes away by car or 15 by bike. Here you are close to a town teeming with the famous Italian "La Dolce Vita", and at the same time, you are away from the city, among orchards, where you can enjoy complete peace and privacy.





"The focus of attention is the outdoor landscape, admirable from the whole building through large windows as well as spacious terraces and balconies in every room. The elegant and timeless design emphasizes a sustainable building style.  " FORSTERHOF


"Pssst! Can you feel this silence too? Listen to the quiet, appreciate simplicity, and immerse yourself in quality. Pamper yourself, do something good for yourself. Enjoy some wellness à la Forsterhof.  " FORSTERHOF


Slowdown value: Peaceful elegant rooms

The slowdown effect is introduced to the hotel by elegant details and clean minimalist lines of furniture. Natural materials that balance the energy of living are intertwined as the wood is complemented by soft fabrics that offer comfort, and sophistication is brought out by glass and metal details that add a touch of tenderness to the ambiance and act as subtle elements that promote a sense of relaxation.



During our stay, we were accommodated in room 103, Suite Frieda, which comes with a balcony where the view opens on two sides, towards the inner garden with the swimming pool and orchards and towards the mountains.


The sophistication felt at every turn is a reflection of the lifestyle of Magdalena and Christine, mother and daughter, owners and founders of the Hotel Forsterhof, who are both souls of the hotel.


Suite Elisabeth is open to two sides. One side opens towards the mountains.  And from the bed, you can enjoy a panoramic view over the orchards to observe endless sunsets.


Slowdown value: Long breakfast

Normally, at home, we put little effort into the variety of breakfast, supposedly the most important meal of the day. That is not the case at Forsterhof, as breakfast will be a special experience every single day. The way it is served and the presentation will calm you down so that you can enjoy a long breakfast on their sunny terrace or breakfast room, bathed in the beautiful morning light.


"To get the day off to a good start, sit quietly in the garden wrapped in the morning light and savour a long, rich breakfast served at your table. " FORSTERHOF




Little surprises are also hidden in the simple traditional dishes, which are served in an innovative way.

One such example is a classic: poached egg with a slice of home speck served on a slice of freshly baked warm bread. This dish carries a story from the past and is of purely local origin and can also be nostalgic for some of the guests. It consists of ingredients the people used to always have on farms and in pantries. From these ingredients, they then put together an elegant yet traditional breakfast dish.


In addition to home-grown fruit spreads and juices, all the food on the menu is locally grown in the village of Lagundo.
They have different types of locally produced cheeses, meats, and bread delivered from the village bakery.


In Forsterhof, breakfast is always served at the table, and the breakfast menu changes daily, so the nicely prepared dishes will impress you with both flavors and presentation.


breakfast  selection

breakfast specialities

Slowdown value:  Afternoon coffee & cake

Always and everywhere, an authentic opportunity to experience the “slowdown” in the way the locals live, can be found.

A pleasant atmosphere and afternoon sun entering the lounge room at an angle is the right excuse to stop the moment of the day and treat yourself to a piece of homemade cake.



Slowdown value: Apericena

Summer Mondays come with a slowdown event with live music and food to enjoy summer evenings in the garden ambiance.



"Read a book in the garden or float in the heated pool water. Just relax, retreat to our stylish rooms and suites, and recharge your batteries for the upcoming day.. " FORSTERHOF


Slowdown value: The garden

Here you can feel what it means to have a lush and meticulously cultivated garden covering much of the ground around the hotel. 

At Forsterhof they do not have a special wellness area, but instead, their garden is a special place and a natural wellness spot, with a relaxing swimming pool and outstanding view over their garden and surroundings.


Just immerse yourself with the natural beauty of the garden and begin to realize the value of what the garden gives in any time period, and one cannot help to feel deep gratitude and love for nature.




4 (2).jpg

Slowdown value: Views over orchards

The view that opens and spreads across the vast landscape acts as a meditation that calms the soul. A view that calms you down and lets your mind wander. The panoramas in Forsterhof act as a magical extension of the room, spilling into the interior through large windows. The magic of the view has the power to stop time.

Slowdown value: Wellness à la Forsterhof

For a very private wellness experience, enjoy a private spa in your own room, where you can pamper yourself and enjoy at your own pace whenever you like. A sauna or whirlpool that is always available for you at any time of the day.




"Suite Marie with private sauna, in the Stella room with whirlpool on the terrace and starry sky view or in the Garden Suite with private sauna and garden whirlpool. " FORSTERHOF




To slow down is always a symbiosis between putting our body in motion and then unwinding it. The secret of

well-being is in constant balance between moving and stillness at your own pace. 



Slowdown value: A place to balance your body & mind

Forsterhof has an excellent connection between villages and valleys, therefore it is the ideal starting point for cycling along peaceful routes reserved for cyclists, which also wind through orchards and rise above the surrounding villages and towns, making it easy to cycle to beautiful vantage points. From Bolzano, past Algundo and across Val Venosta to the Swiss border 


At the same time, here you can find numerous hiking trails that lead you to the surrounding peaks, or just walking among these beautiful orchards will put you in a slowdown mood. You will get all the tips from Magdalena, as we run out of time to experience all the spots waiting for you to discover here.


Yoga & brunch

Serenity in the garden is perfect to slow down the day with some mindful yoga practice...

Hold the air tight.

Hold your lungs full.

Feel your heart beating.

Let the mind still for a moment, as the water in their swimming pool... and ground into all that your body is telling you.


Forestbathing at "Marling Waalweg"

Just around the corner of their last orchard, you can find a path to reach Marling Waalweg. A beautiful forest trail snakes around the hillside and offers a perfect "forest bath" retreat with a small stream that takes care of freshness and the gentle sound of water. As the trail is shadowed by the forest the walk offers a perfect summer hike with panoramic views of the small villages that surround Merano. 



Your best slowdown


begins here...


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