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Dolomites Life


Photo credit: Excelsior Dolomites Life Resort official

Modern mountain people know that true exclusivity primarily means being able to rediscover who you truly are – at which point, nothing stands in the way of pure enjoyment.

Getaway in the heart of the mountains is like a melody of freedom. Weightlessness and life enjoyed high above the daily routine. Listen closely and discover the lightness of the here and now. If you wish, here you will be whisked away to the center of Excelsior Dolomites Life Resort's inspiration and you will be able to dip into a wellspring of pure joie de vivre. South Tyrol does every soul good. It is the way to reveal your own story, a story that overflows with enjoyment and adventure.

Light in nature creates a movement of colours.

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Slowdown value: Highest sustainable certification 

GSTC Global Sustainable 

At Excelsior Dolomites Life Resort sustainability goes to the highest level as they have adopted an integrated and multidisciplinary approach, and a holistic vision in the four-macro areas provided by the standard: sustainable management, socio-economic sustainability, cultural sustainability, and environmental sustainability. They become certificated with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.


Through our Slowdown movement, we believe this is an important step when we as travelers decide and with our choice support, how we wish tourism will develop in the future and what we get as guests.


Feel your favorite Dolomites' nature everywhere around the interior as they have used rocks and woods of the region intertwined them with pleasing fragrances of alpine herbs and carefully placed all details according to Italian design touch.

The benefits for the body and skin

Slowdown value: Open spaces

Each room has a broad glass frontage to capture the sun and grant you views towards the mountains. What we like are the rooms turned towards the forest, so you can get a relaxing and calm view outside. 

Slowdown value: Organic skincare & eco washing products

The soap dispensers throughout the resort and in the rooms contain personalized, organic care products from the ecologically producing company Pure Green, which are enriched with pine wood and lemon balm aromas and on that way reflect their mountain landscape. Also, all the laundry, like towels and sheets is washed with sustainable and biodegradable products of the company Unyrain.
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Slowdown value: Lounge atmosphere

The vibe of interior design in Excelsior Dolomites Life Resort is focused on atmospheric lounge ambiance in every space throughout the hotel. Here one can enjoy plenty of space that ensures you a real feeling of calm and slowdown vibe during your holidays. In the main lobby, you can sit around the fireplace that draws our subconsciousness, communicating a sense of warmth and seclusion.


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Slowdown value: Design that affects your mood

Their focus is to relax splendidly across all spaces in the hotel. They have used design as a vehicle to get you into a good mood spontaneously as it is cozy, comfortable, warm, and full of details. To bring you closer to nature they have dissolved the boundaries between indoors and outdoors...

The hotel buildings are built according to climate house A and B criteria. For the construction, they've used natural materials such as wood fiber panels, natural wood, stone, and recyclable products like iron and glass. 

The benefits for the body and skin

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Slowdown value: Majestic Sky SPA 

The Dolomites lend you wings in countless gentle ways. At Excelsior Dolomites Life Resort they have brought the natural setting of their beloved mountains into the Spa itself, opening up the spaces and allowing everything to be bathed in natural light.


No less than over 2500 m² of wellness on several levels are waiting for you.wellness area for families with swimming opportunities, both indoors and out, beauty palace Castello di Dolasilla and a Sky Spa exclusively for adults.


Here you can relish a bit of luxurious atmosphere that is promising countless moments of complete relaxation in a sustainable environment.

The benefits for the body and skin

Slowdown value: Restore your levels of harmony


Due to the geographically advantageous location of South Tyrol, protected by the Alps on the north, sheltering the region from accumulating clouds and cold winds, so be sure to enjoy many days of sunshine here, compared to all the surrounding regions. So here you can fully restore an astonishing level of harmony to your inner energy flow in their infinity pool or in panoramic saunas.


breakfast  selection

breakfast specialities

Slowdown value:  Treat your soul in the SPA Palace

Castello di Dolasilla is like a small Spa Palace in the heart of Excelsior Dolomites Life Resort, where you are taken on a holistic journey through the best recipe for absolute relaxation. A selection of the very best Spa treatments is waiting for you to discover their benefits to your body. When you are on holiday, give a holiday also to your body and soul and rediscover a sense of complete inner peace via the holistic approach of Castello di Dolasilla Spa Palace.


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They say that a glass of good cocktail rise the spirits.

Slowdown value: A personal tour of the wine cellar

If you are not a cocktail lover, no worries as they will spoil with an exceptional wine list with true treasures from South Tyrol and around the world. When it comes to wine growing and vinification, South Tyrol ceased being a blank sheet a long time ago. Quality-certified wines from the region are sold worldwide and have firmly established themselves in haute cuisine. When you feel like it, allow their sommelière, Irene, to give you useful tips or a personal tour of Excelsior Dolomites Life Resort's wine cellar, as you enjoy one or other of selected beautiful wines.


Slowdown value: Taste the magic of Excelsior cocktails

The cocktail is a journey in a glass. So here you just have to take a secret journey to taste a bit of magic. Not only the taste but also the whole procedure sometimes looks like magic coming out from their skilled barman hands. The cocktail bar in Excelsior Dolomites Life Resort is centrally located so it creates a bit of Italian Dolce Vita vibe, a mecca for good conversation, and a chance to enjoy some relaxing evening vibes.

Eco note

All drinks at the bar are not served with plastic and disposable materials such as straws or coasters. Many of the juices, wines, beers, liqueurs, and distillates come from the region.


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Discover a world of exceptional
Alpine cuisine.


Slowdown value: Traditional Ladin recipes

Here the South Tyrolean cuisine combines the luxury of simplicity with exquisite attention to every single detail. Meet the culinary world in which Mediterranean delicacies take their rightful place alongside traditional Ladin recipes, Italian sensitivity for flavor and design, and above all, a genuine love for culinary craftsmanship.

The luxury of simplicity always begins with the best-possible basic product.


The foods mainly come from the region and are then masterfully and skillfully combined to produce palate-pleasers of the highest order. Here one can taste, smell, and see the professionalism of the highly skilled kitchen team.



Car-free holidays.
San Vigilio offers the unique opportunity to explore the natural landscape without using the car. In summer you can easily reach all hiking destinations in the region with the free shuttles and various cable cars to support more sustainable mobility in the area. Numerous hiking routes and bike tours start in front of our resort.

Slowdown Value: Activities in the nature

Excelsior Dolomites Life Resort is definitely a power spot directly at the nature park Fanes-Sennes-Braies that holds emotional and unforgettable natural beauties. The majestic peaks with the green sloping meadows and alpine pastures, dotted with blue and green water elements, leave deep impressions. Here one gets the natural paradise on the doorstep and it is waiting to be explored. Whether by bike, e-bike or by hiking around mountain peaks of the beautiful Dolomites, which offer an impressive nature experience behind every valley bend. Discover the love for the region and be enchanted by the fabulous surroundings.



The Plan de Corones is directly connected to 40 km of ski slopes of the famous Sellaronda, which runs around the Sella massif over four Dolomites passes and covers the four Ladin valleys Val Gardena, Alta Badia, Arabba, and Val di Fassa. 


Slowdown Value: Ski-in, ski-out

In the winter this is the best spot to reach the slopes. You will be one of the first to slide down the mountain on your skis since Excelsior Dolomites Life Resort is only a stone's throw away from the slopes. This means you can make your way straight from the ski room to the Plan de Corones ski area. 




Your best slowdown


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