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San Vigilio di Marebbe, Italy

AMA Stay

Photo: FlipFlop Collective

Text credit: Slowdown Hotels 

Sometimes you can't leave work behind, but you can still balance it.  Sometimes planning work and holidays is a new way to do the work. Sometimes we need to change the location to find inspiration in our work.  AMA Stay is writing the future of balancing work and relaxation. Located at the foot of Plan de Corones, it is a place where remote workers, digital nomads, and holidaymakers come together. 


Here the hotel design and setting are set to fulfill all your needs when you need an escape into an environment close to nature but at the same time to have all organized to still do your remote work.

"Find independence, a place for relaxation and inspiration. A place where you can balance working time with switch-off moments."

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Slowdown value: Develop new habits of balancing work & relaxation


Sometimes a mix of local & global vibes creates just the right atmosphere that brings us to a new level of motivation. Val Badia valley is a perfect mix of both which gives AMA Stay a glimpse of a cosmopolitan vibe.


AMA Stay is the ideal "workation" (work + vacation)  accommodation located in the picturesque Val Badia valley. Here you can focus on what you love: relaxing, working, developing, or sharing new ideas. And when you are out of energy, here you can quickly regenerate your body and mind by adding some inspiring outdoor activity or a short break to wellness. A good place where you can cultivate your new habits of work & relaxation.





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Slowdown value: Slow & and comfortable Lobby corners

Cozy lobby corners are like a perfectly organized place to find your own quiet corner and enjoy clean design furnishing that does not disturb your working process. 

A place where we can socialize or just love to be surrounded by people. A place where we can read your emails and enjoy a cup of coffee, or a place where we read printed news instead of digitalized ones. A place where we can be away in our minds or enjoy the slow atmosphere with others.

At AMA Stay all spaces are designed the way it suits the use for working or holiday needs.




Slowdown hotels AMA stay

"AMA Bistro is the guests' favorite spot to socialize. With the homey feeling of the large living room, this place can be your favorite spot to hang out with a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or even a cosmopolitan cocktail in the evening."    AMA STAY 

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"For energetic minds
who love balance in life."


Slowdown value: Clean & minimal design

One place, one community, endless inspiration. At AMA Stay, a unique living concept for both short and long stays meets minimalist design, technological evolution, authentic Ladin hospitality, and South Tyrolean cuisine.


For holidays, work, or both. Whatever your focus on, AMA rooms, flats, and studios are made for your needs and wishes. All room types are designed in minimal, bright, and comfortable modern style, that inspires and give you freedom. Natural materials in bright tones matched with bright fabric and organic shapes of the furniture create a cozy vibe but do not distract your mind. 

At AMA you can choose 3 types of accommodation. Classic hotel room, studio with integrated kitchen, or flat fully equipped as an apartment. Something for all wishes and needs but all cozy and stylish to the last detail.

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" At AMA Stay, a unique living concept for both short and long stays. Clean lines harmonize with light colors, oak wood, stone, and soft fabrics. The floor-to-ceiling window and balcony provide a magnificent view of the surrounding mountain peaks.” AMA STAY


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Slowdown hotels AMA stay room
Slowdown hotels AMA stay studio


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Slowdown hotels AMA stay room

Slowdown value: Office redefined

Now you have a chance to experience your dream "office", as AMA Stay offers you the perfect work areas for intensive smart working thanks to their intelligently designed, multifunctional rooms.


Leave your work outside your room and simply book your own desk, telephone booth, or comfortable lounge for a real feel of a "slowdown" working experience. If you have bigger plans also conference rooms for meetings and workshops are available.

Set your mind free once you find a perfectly designed comfortable corner, it's a pure pleasure to work in a place that inspires.





Go outside

Experience a new way to work. You will find yourself more productive and focused, but also you will have time to relax. A new way to experience work is to balance it with active lifestyle.

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Slowdown value: The power of a free mind to inspire great ideas


With the AMA Body & Mind program, you can have it all. Free your mind & feel relaxed. This is the heart of AMA's well-being offer. We all need to learn how to take healthy breaks between our working routines. Sometimes it seems that taking a break is impossible, but Ama is designed and sets the way it makes it possible.





"Here all is set up, you can easily switch off and make a break after your work routines. From non-stop action to conscious idleness. Take a step back to rethink and "digest" your work. "    SLOWDOWN HOTELS

Slowdown hotels AMA stay wellness
Slowdown hotels AMA stay wellness
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AMA's world

of slowdown

We encourage you to set new rules for yourself and come to a place where, after a productive meeting, you can take a relaxing swim at the infinity pool with a panoramic view of the Dolomites. Perhaps enjoy a hot sauna, that will gently switch off your brains, ... Daily balance of work & switch off needs to be learned once again.





Slowdown hotels AMA stay wellness
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Slowdown value: Get in touch with your skin & body


Get in touch with your skin and your body. It is all about your physical and emotional well-being. Try a massage on the first day of your stay and start the vacation relaxed. It will change your whole experience.






breakfast  selection

breakfast specialities


Slowdown value: Balance your meals

Healthy and balanced meals are one of the key factors in our well-being. Especially if we plan to have a "workation". At AMA you will feel & taste the passion that is put into carefully prepared meals created by head chef Marco & his team. 

 They love healthy trends and embrace the concept of sharing. Marco & his team will take you on the journey of South Tyrolean cuisine whilst building bridges from south to north and focusing on nature and the products, it gives us. In a yearly period when nature allows them, they love nothing better than using the produce from their own vegetable patch and they cook according to the seasons.


Marco's passion is to make you and all the other guests that little bit happier. Needless to say, you can also find a selection of mouth-watering vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes on their menu.

Slowdown hotels AMA stay restaurant
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"Marco, the head chef, cooks “alla nonna” like Grandma used to. He maintains the tradition of good honest Mediterranean cuisine, calmly and carefully prepared with a modern twist." AMA STAY

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Slowdown hotels AMA stay restaurant
Slowdown hotels AMA stay restaurant



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