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Driving from Cala d'Or towards Pollenca on the very north part of the island is stunning. The inner land could be easily compared with the Tuscany landscape. Large fields lie all around. If you visit Mallorca in summer there will be endless fields of sunburned grass. A road trip through the Mallorcan inner lands is a must. Also the majority of Inca's, beautiful trendy Eko farmhouses turned into fine hotels will be found around here. 
This road trip combined the charm of the mountains  - the Serres de LLevant massif - and the sea, a string of coves with shimmering, turquoise waters including one of the top-rated beaches on Mallorca, like Cala Mesquida and Cala Agulla. BUt also many of the villages along the way treasure the pride of their heritage. We visited Arta.

"Any landscape is a

condition of the spirit"


Arta nestles in a wide valley crowned by the hill, the Puig de Sant Salvador, which has a walled precinct and a popular sanctuary at the top. In June this small village gives the impression no one lives there, even though there are around 7000 residents of Arta. 

In the village center, there is a large "town" square surrounded by high trees and small coffee shops and restaurants rest in their shadow.

Arta’s biggest attractions relate to the cultural heritage of the area. The most popular is undoubtedly the Sanctuary de San Salvador to which you have to walk 180 stairs but for sure you are rewarded with the view on the top. 
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