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the most scenic road trip experience

Tre Cime, Seceda, Gardena Pass are just a few of the destinations in the Dolomites which were always on our mind. If you are more of an adventure type summer is a great period to pack your things and hit the road for an epic road trip with numerous scenic scenes along the roads through Dolomites mountains. We explore the magic of this Unesco World Heritage area with Hyundai Tucson.

About Hyundai Tucson

This bold and sporty type of car kept us in a unique exploring vibe. We can confirm that fusion of innovation gives you just enough comfort to feel safe wherever you choose to drive. To be sure not to miss all the beauty while crossing the high mountain passes, a huge open roof system is a great advantage that proved just perfect for summer. Overall, the newest model is a huge step forward as far as design goes, its distinctive features and bold athletic appeal naturally fuse function, stability, and sophistication.

Gardena Pass

The most scenic road

On this trip we went from Brunico via Coravra, Alta Badia and over Gardena pass to Ortisei. A road trip to enjoy in pure nature and reach high mountains. Gardena pass is also a very famous cycling paradise in summer. It can easily be said that this is one of the most scenic roads, friendly for any driver, motorcyclist or cyclist. During the summer, all kinds of drivers converge to this road with the same goal – to conquer it with a smile on their face. Halfway through the ascent, you are rewarded with first of many spectacular views, which open wide across valley below.
At the top peak of the pass, there is also a starting point to many hiking destinations to reach even more majestic views from the mountaions, which can be skied during the winter. Many paths traverse the peaks to discover this area. This time we continued our drive towards Ortisei, from where we hiked towards Seceda mountain.


& Sella Ronda

panoramic view

We arrived to Ortisei in 2 hours from Dobbiaco the drive was worth the time, because of all the beautiful places and because the access to the upper plateau is reachable with the gondola, this was a safe plan, to also do a short hike.
If you want to visit mt. Seceda in summer, we recommend taking a gondola from Ortisei, there is also one towards Col Raiser, but to hike Seceda you have a longer path to walk as that station is much lower than the station of the gondola that comes from Ortisei.

The area is especially beautiful early in the mornings, around the sunrise or later in the evening to enjoy the sunset. To do either, you have to camp somewhere on the mountain or sleep in one of few Riffugios. The last ride with the gondola to the valley is as early as at 17:30.

This area could easily be a destination for a longer period of staying because there are so many inviting paths to choose from. This is definitely one of the places you will want to keep returning to.
But even for a one day trip the heart is happy and the view is fantastic even if there is only time for a shorter hike.  Already when stepping off of the gondola, an indescribable beauty embraces you, this is the feeling for which it is worth coming here, especially if you seek uniqueness, beauty, calm, and happiness.

What we like the most about the Dolomites is, that they are easy to access to the point where the views start and one can enjoy in many hiking trips, mountain bike rides, or just having the lunch in one of the Rifugio (the Italian word for mountain chalet restaurant) surrounded by majestic mountains. It is just a unique experience.
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