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Cala d'Or

City Cala d'Or lies on the southeast part of the Island and it is a great starting point to discover beautiful beaches in the southeast area of the Island.

One of the most beautiful beaches will be found on this side of the Island and the best part is, it is possible to find very natural beaches, just around the corner of the selected hotel. 

The Southern side of the Island is mostly made out of rocks, but each bay opens up as a dreamy sandy beach with emerald crystal clear water. 


Cala Egos in Cala d'Or


Cala d'Or 

- Esmeralda

Cala Esmeralda lies in the heart of the village of Cala d'Or. It lies just in front of the Inturotel hotel complex. It is a nice sandy bay. 


When the sun turns his rays 
into the water in the early morning,
this water look like sparkling clear crystal

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