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Your best slowdown


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Photo: Patricia Parinejad

Text credit: Slowdown Hotels 

“Hidden, yet in the heart of Berlin.
Sheltered by lush gardens and interflowing courtyards.
A place of encounter and experience, as well as contemplation and retreat."   

Wilmina offers three inspiring conceptual spaces at one unique location. A boutique hotel with 44 rooms under family-run management is a unique retreat inspired by nature and a woman's soul. It's like entering a botanic garden where you can book your room and enjoy a culinary journey in their Lovis restaurant where the French meet the German. And it's also a platform that connects you with actual art and culture in their "Amtsalon".





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Slowdown value: Green corners in the city - the Wilmina garden

A garden in the heart of the city is like a "slowdown" oasis, that immediately embraces you with a calm that changes your mood. At Wilmina the garden courtyard is essentially the first room of the hotel - a green foyer of trees, shrubs and climbing plants where you can rest and replenish your energy. Like you would enter a green wonderland in the city.



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Slowdown value: Hidden retreat

Once you enter inside Wilmina courtyard it feels like all of a sudden you teleport yourself to a country house with a botanic garden. The surroundings and the setting offer a gentle way to soak all impressions from city life and relax.


Despite the city scene can sometimes be very captivating, take that time and use the benefit of wellness escape

and actively cultivate your well-being and add some balance to your daily routine. Your body will be grateful.






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"A hotel in the city with a private inner garden brings a great balance to our well-being. In the park, bustling life is replaced with a gentle breeze and calming silence. A natural wellness awaits you here after spending time around the city."

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"Brightness is the red line of the hotel.
All the rooms are furnished with bright details and soft shapes that evoke a gentle living atmosphere tha
t increase a feel-good vibe."

Slowdown value: Pure design

Bright colors positively affect our mood and large windows and hanging lights are creating a unique atmosphere. 

Calming aesthetic and high-quality materials. All the rooms are bright and flooded with light that reflects the natural biorhythm of the day.

This place is full of design details, like sculptural Bocci lights. A design classic famous after sculptural lighting craft acts like a work of art that smooths the living atmosphere in the interior.



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Slowdown value: Sleep on nature

After a long day in bustling surroundings, returning to your bright cozy room, inspired by nature will embrace you with silent comfort. Also, the bed is something special thanks to the luxurious COCO-MAT beds. Handmade of natural materials. After a good night's sleep, you will be ready to explore the Wilmina and the city.



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Slowdown Hotels_Wilmina_Atrium_©wilmina_pp.jpg
Slowdown Hotels_Wilmina_Gartenlobby_©Wilmina_pp.jpg
Slowdown Hotels_Wilmina_Library_©Wilmina_pp.jpg

Slowdown value: Lounging

Today's redesign of the building is a complete antithesis to the life once lived here, as this building 120 years ago was actually a woman's prison built in Wilhelminian style.


Today only the name reminds us a bit of that time, as, after the renovation in 2022 under Grüntuch Ernst Architects, this place feels like the ode to a woman's soul that is romantic, light, warm, and bright, inviting us to happily linger around and soak up the good mood in every corner of the hotel. 


Full-height windows and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves - a perfect breakfast place. After 2 p.m., it's also a great place to work and read. 


In the afternoon settle into one of the sofas with a cup of tea. In winter, in front of the fireplace. In summer, with a view of the green garden. A place like a source of inspiration that caresses the soul.





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Slowdown value: Lovis


Lovis is a hotel restaurant and bar that is also open to the public. It feels like entering an enchanted forest where magic is served and enjoyed. The "slowdown effect" is felt instantly.







"German meets French. The inside meets the outside. The historic meets the new. Simply a place to create a memorable culinary experience. A feast for the eyes and soul. A true love story."     SLOWDOWN HOTELS

Slowdown Hotels_Wilmina_Lovis-Bar_©wilmina_ava.jpg
Slowdown Hotels_Wilmina_Lovis-Spiegellounge_Berlin_©wilmina_mg.jpg

"Lovis is part of the Michelin guide and mention in the 50 best restaurants in the World. The emphasis on the plate is on seasonal vegetables composed into flavorful compositions you would never think of."     SLOWDOWN HOTELS

Slowdown Hotels_ Wilmina Lovis.jpg
Slowdown Hotels_Wilmina_Hof-2_Garten_©wilmina_pp.jpg

Slowdown value: Chef Sophia Rudolph


After several stints in the best restaurants in France and Berlin, chef Sophia Rudolph defines Contemporary German Cuisine. With her team, she reinterprets traditional dishes, focusing on flavorful compositions of seasonal and regional products with a distinct emphasis on vegetables.






breakfast  selection

breakfast specialities

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Slowdown value: Garden Loft

Feel at home like in a country house, despite the fact Wilmina is located on Kantstraße 79 in Berlin Charlottenburg, one of the bustling areas of Berlin city. The Garden Loft is the hotel’s largest room and is fully equipped with a kitchenette and a living area with a big table, sofas, and armchairs. This way city life can feel like a

 pure "slowdown" experience.  

Slowdown Hotels_ Wilmina_Nikos 211 Garden Loft.jpg
Slowdown Hotels_Wilmina_Penthouse_Berlin_©wilmina_pp.jpg

"No other street is as international and lively, no other combines so many Berlin facets as Kantstraße in Berlin Charlottenburg. And no other  place, could not be more relaxing, than Wilmina."     SLOWDOWN HOTELS

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Your best slowdown


begins here...

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