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Mirador del Rio

'Huge glass windows as the

eyes of El Mirador'

Mirador del Rio is one of César Manrique’s most representative architectural creations. It shows a series of artistic and architectural details and his eagerness to combine art and nature.


The place is well camouflaged into the rock. Only because of a huge glass window you would realize there should be a house constructed into a Volcano landspace. Large windows are also the 'eyes' of El Mirador, convinced by the artist aiming to increase the effect of the panoramic view.

The Mirador takes over EL Rio, the narrow stretch of the sea separating Lanzarote from La Graciosa. But also the inside of the house has the same touch of the details, like the outer appearance. Monumental and unique sculpture hanging off the ceiling challenging gravity.






When the view calms the mind.


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