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Photo & text credits: Woodnest hotel official

Nestled in a warm luxury treehouse, at Woodnest you will gaze out over the magnificent Hardanger fjord.

This is a family-owned hotel, or better to say treehouse with a unique story.  The concept was created by the Aano family- Kjartan & Sally and their daughter Lily. Kjartan, from a small island in Norway, is an electrician by trade but is an all-round handyman which can be noticed in his contribution significantly to the build of Woodnest from the stairs, to the cabin interior and electrical work. Sally, from the South of Sydney, Australia, is the main communicator with guests and works on the managing of Woodnest and loves designing and hosting the guests.

They envisioned Woodnest to be a place where couples can retreat and reflect, and where families and friends can create an experience to remember for a lifetime. 


It all started before Kjartan and Sally got married. He proposed her in a 10 meters high tall pine, where he built her a treehouse, a treehouse where the only way up was to climb the branches of the tree. That treehouse created so many wonderful memories for them, and from that very first treehouse came forth the dream to create Woodnest– treehouses that were perhaps a bit safer than the one he built! Years on, here is a Woodnest, still very much in love with each other and excited about sharing new treehouses with travelers.


The tree lives inside the structure in the middle of the treehouse, representing their respect and appreciation for nature and the outdoors.

“The treehouse has always been a special place for us, a place to escape, to connect, to relax, to enjoy creation, breathe in fresh air, adventure out hiking, enjoy time with each other- and our hope is that you too will now experience the many joys that Woodnest can provide.”
Kjartan & Sally

The benefits for the body and skin

Woodnest treehouses were designed by Norwegian architects Helen & Hard. Helen & Hard have taken the concept of treehouse building to new heights with their progressive design. Each treehouse is 15m2 and has been engineered so that the tree (with little support from foreign structures) supports the full weight of the treehouse. The tree lives inside the structure in the middle of the treehouse, representing our respect and appreciation for nature and the outdoors. The interior is fashioned using the finest black alder wood and the exterior blends into the natural surroundings, resembling the Norwegian “kongla” (pine cone). Inside you will find handcrafted chairs, designed and produced in Norway by Eikund.  They have chosen the highest quality fabrics and incorporated small touches of luxury into each treehouse.


The products they use and have available for the guests have been chosen because they have been locally sourced, which also adheres to the care and concern for the environment and supporting local businesses. They care for the environment and wherever possible they used non-toxic and environmentally sustainable products.


The benefits for the body and skin

At Woodnest they believe that treehouses and the adventures they provide are timeless and ageless; not just for children but for everyone. Their dream at Woodnest was to build an authentic treehouse; meaning a house up in one tree!


Woodnest brings you the adventure of Norwegian nature without having to forgo luxury and comfort. Nestled in nature, Woodnest is a luxury treehouse experience: each treehouse has electricity, a small kitchenette, high-speed wifi, a flushing toilet and a shower. Each treehouse is equipped with floor heating to keep you cosy during winter nights.

Some guests like to stay in bed, wake up to the sounds of birds singing in the trees,  make a coffee and enjoy solace and peace. Others like to take a stroll down into the town of the colourful houses and explore some colourful adventures Odda has to offer. 

Odda is a small town situated at the end of Norway’s second-longest fjord.  It is nestled between two of Norway’s largest national parks, Hardangervidda and Folgefonna. Odda has stunning waterfalls, emerald fjords, blue glaciers, snow-capped peaks, and amazing nature and hikes to be explored. 



Trolltunga is one of Norway’s most spectacular cliff formations hovering 700 meters above Ringedalsvatnet lake. Woodnest is about a 25/30min drive from Skjeggedal;  the starting point for Trolltunga. The estimated hiking time is 9-12 hours for a round trip. 

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