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Photo credist: The Wild hotel official

It is all about the feelings.

" The sound of birds, of the air, of the sea. The blues of the Aegean and the inspiring Mykonian light. The splendor of the Greek summer. " 

The Wild hotel invites you to experience the real Mykonos - wild at heart, unspoiled and beautiful. Located at the cliffside over Kalafatis beach will reveal the view of natural tones around you. Clear waters & natural sand tones calms your soul and the scent of flora and fauna surrounding the hotel will bring the peace to your mind. 

Light in nature creates a movement of colours.


''We wanted to preserve the emotions and the feelings that

the island exhales. To incorporate the experience of “our” Mykonos in a place – wild at heart, mesmerising, unspoilt, nonchalant and, at the same time, filled with culture, excitement and a cosmopolitan flair. The energy of this tiny Cycladic island that artists and bon vivants, free spirits and insightful travellers, have fallen in love with for decades.''

 Philip Varveris, the owner

The value: DESIGN

The tones of nature are brought inside and everywhere around the interior and exterior of the hotel. They kept the organic forms and brought the eclectic mix of design. The hotel blends with the natural environment and it becomes one with the cliff where the hotel is located. Each of the suites or villas are designed in the unique mood to satisfy the different taste of the guests. You can define your mood already by selecting the suite or villa.


"The sea is a real treasure chest of natural substances"


A place shared with the same aesthetic values. If you recognize it you will come around.

The benefits for the body and skin

The value: FAMILY

The hotel is owned and created by Varveris family, the true Mykonos lovers they say for themself. So we believe they will offer only the best, which is also shown from their eclectic taste for design. BUt to move beyond the design this place is all about the feelings that will arise when you are around. The emotions & feelings of the island are incorporated to the whole experience. They took care of every single detail, to bring you the smell, the energy, the vibe, the excitement,... everything that real, raw and unspoilt Mykonos really is. 

The benefits for the body and skin

The value: FOOD

Traditional in heart and contemporary in feeling, this describes their Taverna. A place where the tastest meet. We instantly noticed their slow food philosophy, which is all about  Greek food. Local produced and fresh ingredients are cooked slowly with traditional techniques. What is more inspiring? Fresh vegetables is sourced from the island farms, local Myconian cheese and the freshest fish food are standard which will be served to you. Also, you will taste the recipes from all over Greece here, but maybe with one of th most beautiful views during the meal.  


breakfast  selection

breakfast specialities


The value: THE WILD

Like the hotel name itself, also their spirit is wild & authentic. The hotel is located on a cliffside with an overlook the deep blue of the Aegean sea. Here once was a small cove - a home to the Wild Ones", the most fearless fishermen of Mykonos. Now peaceful, picturesque port that brings to light how Mykonos used to look like. Simple, raw, beautiful, and wild.


The "another" Mykonos exist.  The one less crowded, authentic and uniqe. And it could be discovered through The Wild hotel and their secret tips to explore and enjoy the island at the fullest.


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