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Photo & text credits: Zaborin hotel official

The core of the name Zaborin is made of zen meditation word meaning to sit and forget

Zaborin wants to provide high-quality comfort by pursuing modern and new sensibilities while valuing the heart of Japanese inns.

The inn that draws in the charm of Hokkaido's wilderness is designed by Makoto Nakayama, who has won numerous awards both in Japan and overseas, and the interior design by creative director Showya Grig. The space, which is a fusion of Japanese tradition and contemporary design, incorporates a world of shadow praise that reminds us of Japanese aesthetics, and was created to harmonize with the magnificent surrounding landscape.

Iz is about the desire to capture the spirit of the ryokan in a new and relevant way, Zaborin combines contemporary Japanese luxury with an extraordinary ryokan experience, together with the heart of Japanese service (omotenashi).


And, unlike the more introspective designs necessary in Japan’s history, Zaborin is not only a part of its surrounding nature but extends the feeling of inclusion with unparalleled views.


The essence of purpose to sit and forget, to unwind and absorb the natural beauty within the woods.


Sleeping on tatami is like sleeping on a cloud. Do you belive? ... You should try.

Each guest room has a different name for the snowflake, befitting the finest powder snowfall in one of the world's heaviest snowfall areas.

The benefits for the body and skin

The guest rooms combine the tradition of Japanese inns with modern comfort.  It have two private hot springs, an indoor bath and an open-air bath. You can enjoy the hot springs to your heart's content at any time while listening to the scent of the virgin birch forest that surrounds Zaborin Ryokan, the sound of leaf rubbing, and the murmuring of water.

There are two types of guest rooms, Japanese-style and Western-style. 

Each guest room has a different name for the snowflake, befitting the finest powder snowfall in one of the world's heaviest snowfall areas.

Away from the usual life flow you can spend a high-quality relaxing time in a hideaway surrounded by the tranquility of nature.


During your stay in Zaborin, relax your body and soul by relaxing in the two hot springs, the spacious indoor and outdoor hot springs that flow directly from the source in each room.

For meals, enjoy Kita Kaiseki, which uses abundant seasonal ingredients from Hokkaido and offers unique ideas and sensibilities. At Zaborin aimed to create a highly regional dish that does not fit into the usual kaiseki cuisine.



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The volcanic waters of Zaborin come from almost a kilometre below ground, arriving at the perfect natural temperature. 


At Zaborin, each of the 15 villa suites have their own private indoor, and own private open-air baths, all supplied with free-flowing hot volcanic spring water from Zaborin’s own spring source.

Inhale and take in the soothing scent of pines and indulge in the energy of the forest – also known as ‘forest bathing’ 森林浴 [Shinrin’yoku].
The extraordinary views, the exceptional water quality, and serenity of the moment will soothe both mind and body.