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House concepts  that connect home, memories, nature, materials, family and being local

A Silent Living is a concept created by a family, that renovated all their family homes and open them for whoever wants to experience them. All concept houses are sharing the echo of their importance of feeling at home. 

But there is something very special about these concepts. Their family values which you can meet through each of their houses: Home, memory, local, nature, material, and atmosphere.

The first houses under the name Casas Na Areia were redesigned by Manuel Aires Mateus, who is their good friend connected to nature and contemporary architecture in a way to honor the simplicity of the original fishermen's houses.

Light in nature creates a movement of colours.





Casas Na Areia has 4 houses: each has thatched walls and sand floors that revive the memory of the fishermen's house. 

The value: Home

They always felt the need to provide a home away from home, to people who travel, rather than just a roof over their heads.

For them, the feeling of home can bring awareness of its importance when you are away from your own. It relies on the simplest of things, the warmth of materials, the smell of homemade bread, or the quiet in the room. This vision comes from their ancestors, as their family’s previous generation used to open their homes to welcome walking travelers.


"The sea is a real treasure chest of natural substances"






Santa Clara 1728

is located in Lisbon

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The value: MEMORY

Portuguese culture is strongly reflected in housing archetypes. To honor the memory of Portuguese architectural history, they immortalize it: each one of their houses tells a story from our culture, from our ancestors. By reinventing styles, details, and ways of living, Silent Living connect past, present and future. Moreover, they try to comfort the soul by stimulating our senses – and our happy memories - with a familiar taste, smell or sound.


The benefits for the body and skin

The value: LOCAL

They believe that traveling can be an extraordinary and life-changing experience if you connect to the place where you’re at. With that in mind, their houses bond with their surroundings as an invitation for you to create emotional, spiritual, and cultural links with them. "Places they come across enrich our life experiences, improving the way we deal with the world and people in it, and so we wish to leave our mark on our guests’ memories."

Suite Santa Clara is approximately 70 square meters and comprises [of] a very large room with river views on one side, a wide sitting room, and a bathroom overlooking the garden on the other.

Suite Tejo is approximately 50 square meters and comprises [of] a very large room with river views, a sitting area, and a bathroom.



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The house honors very deeply its natural surroundings, finding shelter in the land itself. Designed by Manuel Aires Mateus.

The value: NATURE

The connection with fauna and flora represents a key part of Silent Living, as it allows guests to step back from their fraught and fast-paced lifestyles, enjoying the calm, serenity, and peace that comes from connecting with Nature.




To strengthen the bonds between space and user, they created unique atmospheres, nourished by each particularity of the house.


Through stimulating the senses, guests can deeply connect with themselves, with the place and the people around them. They focus on how crucial it is for their houses to adapt to the seasons, providing warmth and togetherness in the winter, as well as freshness and tranquillity in the summertime.



Casa na Terra is located in Monsaraz, two and a half hours from Lisbon.

The house offers 3 ensuite rooms, brightened by little private patios. The kitchen and living area open up to the grand patio, overlooking the beautiful and vast property, as well as the Alqueva lake. 

The dome that covers the communal areas becomes the house’s centre of life, almost as if it was cast from the ground itself.