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Sensoria Dolomites

Photo credit: Luca Putzer, Senoner Tammerle Architekten, Sensoria Dolomites

"Meet your place of spiritual power with heart and soul. Opening on June 15th."              SENSORIA DOLOMITES

Another "Slowdown" gem is opening this summer, where the moment is put on the pedestal. To feel, to live, and to be mindful is written in their DNA.

A new soul story is opening in Seis am Schlern.




Light in nature creates a movement of colours.


"This is the place where the present moment always has top priority."         SENSORIA DOLOMITES

Slowdown value:  Soul story

Soon this soul project of Lea and Simon will open the doors for you. This is a passion project, that becomes a reality after 10 years of traveling and then realizing home is the place where the heart belongs.


It took them 4 years of planning and realizing the concept for Sensoria Dolomites and now we can soon feel the result of warm-hearted & sophisticated-minded Lea, who loves languages, design, and architecture, and Simon - warm, innovative, and target-future-orientated. Together with their team, they are inviting you to feel their home, where all experiences meet and they created a place that is a luxury for the soul. 



Slowdown value: Savour the freedom.

"The imposing mountain ranges of Alpe di Siusi. Fresh mountain air. Warming sunshine in summer. Endless mountains and landscapes. Recharge your energy in nature.

Escape your daily routine. Immerse yourself in the fragrance of the mountain grass. Listen to the trees. Retreat and breathe freely in total harmony with nature. Just you and the moment for yourself. These are the instants that stay in your heart."         


"The real luxury of our times is in micro-moments. Take time to pause and dream. Live mindfully. Feel ."
                                                                              SENSORIA DOLOMITES

"The sea is a real treasure chest of natural substances"

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"Feel sensory experience in

long-lasting relaxation in the spa area and selected treats from the indulgence market."    SENSORIA DOLOMITES



Slowdown value: Space to live and dream.

To feel the Slowdown we believe the interior design is like a vehicle that unconsciously brings you to well-being. In Sensoria Dolomites every object has a reason for being placed for aesthetic or practice purposes and together they form a harmony for living.

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Slowdown value: The views

Extend your views, feel infinity. Here the surrounding nature becomes your lullaby that invites you to rest comfortably.

And not only in your hotel room, you have the mountains of Alpe di Siusi  with Seceda mountain on your door step. Explore above and beyond, with easy access to many hiking trails in the summer and the sunniest slopes in the winter.

Slowdown value: Warmth.

An interplay of color, form, materials, and light are creating a cozy and warm environment where you can easily relax. 

At the moment, we can give you a sneak peek and the original experience is following on the 15th of June when Sensoria Dolomites will open its doors.


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"Sense more. Experience the moments you can’t put into words, but you will remember forever."   

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