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Photo & text credits: Saltus hotel official

A holiday in the forest is grounding. It brings us back to our roots and is especially important for the body and mind

Meet one of the most unique eco-hotels in South Tyrol in San Genesio, Jenesien that rises out of the forest, blending harmoniously with the natural colors of the surroundings. 


Rooms and suites are nestled next to one another, with limestone flooring and clay walls, porphyry stone from the excavation, and beeswax sealants.


All this will make you forget all our spatial limitations and embed ourselves in an illusion of true boundlessness. Is it an illusion?

Light in nature creates a movement of colours.




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Saltus philosophy:

"Live nature
because we are nature."

Saltus's mission is to provide the impetus for a sustainable lifestyle in order to preserve the impressive natural power of our planet in its purity. They believe that the concept of sustainability goes beyond environmental protection.


Their tradition and culture must also be preserved. Together, the hotel and the guests take responsibility for protecting both the environment and the common good. Because nature is not the only thing that makes South Tyrol so unique, we want to maintain our authentic guesthouse atmosphere.


Saltus restaurant, the Tschögglbergerhof, has genuine South Tyrolean charm – and their traditional approach to service and South Tyrolean dishes are part of their daily life. Together with local farmers and producers, they are committed to a sustainable circular flow.


"The sea is a real treasure chest of natural substances"

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Forest SPA

The benefits for the body and skin

Naturalness and aesthetics are masterly combined at 1,100 metres above sea level. In the Forest Spa. In the rooftop Sky Pools. In all rooms of our eco-hotel in South Tyrol. Next to your bed, there is a small booklet for your big thoughts, inspired by the very essence of being. You can find this expressed in so many ways in this very special place. Feel free to keep the booklet – just like the memories of your extraordinary stay in San Genesio/Jenesien.

breakfast  selection

breakfast specialities


Their offers are complemented with seasonal and regional cuisine, Forest Spa, the Sky Pools, the view of the Dolomites, and their relaxation programme with yogaforest bathing, and much more

The forest has so much to offer. And at 1,100 meters above sea level, it’s especially beautiful. We have arranged our living spaces so that you can admire the forest and its different dimensions – with the Dolomites in the background and pure joy in your heart.


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Saltus forest loggia lets you feel the entire health-promoting effect of the forest, which was proven by a study by Roger S. Ulrich. Just looking at the trees and the forest speeds up healing processes and effectively improves our health. Linen, wool, clay, and limestone bring the feeling of nature from the outside in, promising a multi-sensory experience that is completed by a view of the forest and mountain scenery.



The understated design of our forest loggia forms a delicate setting around the forest that displays all its intricacies, conveying a feeling of security with its sturdy, rooted trunks – visible directly in front of your window. From the balcony, watch the interplay of colors in the Dolomites on warm summer evenings, and enjoy a glass of fine wine and the company of a special person, the sound of the forest in the background, and the first stars of a magical night. 


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