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There are those days when you really want to escape to pure nature, but you don't feel 100% sure you want to make that long hike or bike the whole way, so we made a compromise. Especially because we got a weekend test drive challenge with the Hyundai i40. We planned to go somewhere accessible by car, but still breathtaking. To find beautiful views and a place to relax somewhere away from the noise and in the heart of nature.


The most beautiful
panoramic road in Slovenia for a car ride, cycling...

So we agreed that our first pit-stop will be the highest mountain road in Slovenia - the road to Mangart Saddle. If you like to feel the adrenalin, you will absolutely love this 12,5 km long road, which climbs to the top of Mangart Saddle. The road has 17 narrow turns and 5 tunnels. For those who are scared of heights, we guess driving on this road will be quite a challenge. If you are in search of a beautiful scenic mountain road, this one definitely offers you the best scenes along the way. In case you drive a Hyundai i40, you know that the car was designed for such panoramic drives – it is just so spacious and it has that huge glass surface, you are surrounded by nature all the way up.

Once you arrive at the top parking place, the view is breathtaking. But don't be surprised by the narrowness of the road. Only one car at a time can drive on the road, but there are many side spaces in case of meeting others. Our car also has that great and very convenient little helper – an integrated camera in the back, so when driving backward, you do not need to turn your head too much, it is all in the screen in front of you.

When on the road do not miss Jof di Montasio...

Driving towards the top of the Mangart mountain road only takes you a maximum an hour and a half (with stops to enjoy the views), we decided our drive will be continued towards our favorite plateau in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. So we headed back to the foothill of the road and turn back towards Tarvisio.


We could also continue via the Soča river, but this will stay for the next time. We've already written some things about the plateau of Jof Di Montasio, but that majestic moment of arriving on the plateau that giant mountains embrace you is just so amazing every time we go there. This time, surprisingly, it was really quiet, just a few cars were parked on the slots. In the summertime parking space can sometimes be really crowded, as this is a very popular starting point via Mt. Pecol and Mt. Jof di Montasio.






Actually, the plan to drive via Altiplano del Montasio was to stop by the highest mountain farm and bought some of the best cheese for our planned picnic, but unfortunately, it was too early. They are mostly open in July, August, and September. Having this plateau all by ourselves, was just beautiful. That calm of stepping out of the car that there is only the sound of the wind is just priceless.




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