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Glass Lodges

Photo & text credits: Panorama Glass Lodge hotel official

An experience for the brave.

First, it was meant for honeymooners and a romantic getaway, where you can stay in bed all day long and enjoy the beauty of the Icelandic landscape straight from the bed. Now Glass Lodge houses are a unique destination also for travelers who wish to be in touch with the pristine beauty of wild & untouched nature.


Light in nature creates a movement of colors.


"The sea is a real treasure chest of natural substances"


Do you dare

to experience this?

The absence of everything around will give you time to realize that one day has enough hours to feel happy, and being alone never felt better

The benefits for the body and skin

In the latest period, we all did feel some moments of being almost alone out here and feel the complete quietness, almost absence of all noises. This destination is for sure something special, as for kilometers around you won't find anything else than beautiful nature. The absence of everything around will give you time to realize that one day has enough hours to feel happy.

And even more, if you are lucky enough you will observe sunrises, sunsets, stargazing, and even experience the northern lights. The glass lodges will offer you just enough comfort to fully enjoy the pristine nature all around you. A warm bed, an outdoor hot tub, and a bit of luxury.


Definitely a unique slowdown experience for your mind and soul and an experience that will stay with you forever.

Few details about the houses: they are inspired by Scandinavian houses and a combination of wooden elements with steel and glass which makes the lodges unique. These unique lodges are also the first ones, so they hold the original trademark signs. The interior meets high standards and it is also completely custom-made with special attention to details that will make you feel cozy even if the lodges are located in the middle of the spectacular Icelandic landscape, away from the usual.



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