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Photo credits: Olea Hotel

Tropical modernism an ode to minimalism with clean and elegant lines.

Olea is an all suite hotel, offering 93 suites with private outdoor living space with impressive views of the hotel surrounding. Olea is nestled among olive trees and green, but only 10 min away from Zakynthos town and airport.

Light in nature creates a movement of colours.


Tailor-made treatments that will improve your overall mental & physical well-being.

The value:  WELLNESS

Olea Hotel is a well-being oasis with its Royal Spa temple of relaxation. The biggest part of the pristine experience of Olea is its dedication to wellness. In 300 m2 of the spa area, you will find balance, both mentally and physically. In every aspect of today's World, care for personal well-being will become more and more important. We value this place because it is designing a way to bring a mindful way of life when minimalism and lack of everything could be the best environment to practise being with yourself again.


"The sea is a real treasure chest of natural substances"


The benefits for the body and skin

The value: MEMORY

Taste is a memory of the culinary journey. Besides wellness, Olea is strong in flavours and specially dedicated restaurants and bars across the resort. We felt in love with their Cocoon Restobar interviewing a la cart restaurant and a beach bar, where your feet feels the sand.   A laid back tropical vibes to make sure you will be totally relaxed and all senses turned on when food and drink is served.


breakfast  selection

breakfast specialities



You will be surrounded by Mediterranean flora and fauna. Their principal agricultural products are olive oil, currants and citrus fruits. The island of Zante is reach by their culture and some famous unspoiled natural beaches like Navagion beach with the ship wreck. To spice up the life on the island, the city town of Zante is bustling  and just perfect to enjoy some evening entertainment, including traditional Greek dance, bouzouki, and song. Traditional Zakynthian serenades, known as “Kantades” provide really special evening entertainment, in selected locations around the island. 


From slow flow dine & Wine moments, to truly unique experience of Mediterranean environment & its magic through any of the suites that you select for your stay. Each suite is furnished in elegant minimal style and offers a natural vibe and tones. depends on the mood majestic sunsets, views towards the Ionian sea can be enjoyed directly from your suite. And also remember Zakynthos is the most sunniest island in Greece.

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