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A land like nowhere else in the World. A landscape of the red and orange rocks looks like a never-ending desert. Coming here leaves you speechless, the silence of nature the majestic landscape, the open lands, and the weather in the land of stillness. The wildlife that one can never imagine until the moment, you stand there and feel it.  Our travelers for slowdown moments who gave us a first-hand experience were Anja and Miha, currently based in Vail Colorado.


Moab has a unique combination of small towns, hospitality, beautiful scenery, and a canyon of the Colorado River. Therefore this landscape is the most sought-after destination in American Southwest. Despite the desert landscape and dramatic scenery, the area has a population of 5322 inhabitants.

Rocks in Desert

A landscape 

that will make a longlasting impact on you

The land of stillness

and beauty.

But there are some rules it is better to stick to because you still travel to the desert. It is important to stay away from the hottest sun, so that actually means from 9 AM to 9 PM. Not to underestimate nature, plan your trip wisely. The weather can also be unpredictable around here, so rather dress up for hiking, select proper shoes, always wear a hat and sunscreen and make sure you travel around here with a loooooot of water. The air is hot and dry so one needs to be careful of dehydration. Our advice is also, to put some insect repellent in your pocket.


They took a two-day trip. One day for the ride and to arrive early in the evening to Moab, to catch one of the most amazing sunsets at the Dead Point Horse State Park. The entry for the park is $20 and is valid for 3 days. Park is open from 6 AM to 10 PM. You have plenty of options for walking, but never too close to the edge, as it might be dangerous. This place is most famous after the movie scene from Thelma and Louise  - the final scene was shot here.


The moment you feel the tiniest in the World.

A wonderland for landscape photographers. Sun creates spectacular scenes of shadows and lights. 

On the second day they visited the famous Arches National Park. To avoid the hottest part of the day the plan was to arrive at the park at 6 AM. The entry is $30 and the ticket value for 7 days, so this also might be the usual length of vacation. Arches National Park is normally open year-round and 24 hours a day. You can now imagine how majestic this must be this place. So despite all the interesting things that could be done around here, they did the usual hike as it was their first time and also these are the most famous stone arches  - like Delicate arch,...


Even this landscape is far from the usual  - no vegetation, no animals,... only silence, stillness, and the sound of the wind, it has that deep vibe that calms you down and fuels you up with new energy. The sculptures are huge and the moment you stand there and feel small in all that rocky greatness leaves a great impact on you. The experience is just out of this World.


If you will be driving back in the direction of Colorado, you should also plan a stop in the city of Cisco – a ghost town, but interesting as many scenes from the Thelma and Louise movie were shot there.

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