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Your best slowdown


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Meransen-Huberstraße 25 ∙ 39037 Mühlbach (BZ)

tel 0039 0472 520 278


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Photo & text credit: Slowdown Hotels

The architecture enhances the perfect composition of the environment, which has a calming effect that you feel as soon as you enter the hotel.

Milla Montis sits like a black diamond on the slopes of the village of Meransen. After a short ascent past the town of Rio Pusteria, a building of modern design, conceived by design by Peter Pichler Architecture awaits you on the slope. Owners Franziska and Roland continue the family tradition, but they have also always known that they want something different, something special. Roland’s parents gave the young entrepreneurs a meadow near the family hotel and together with the PPA the pair realized their idea of a different concept and architecture.

Light in nature creates a movement of colours.


Slowdown value and the main element in the hotel: Silence

High ceilings give a sense of openness, and at the same time surround you with a peaceful silence in an instant. The furniture, in contrast to the exterior architecture, is bright, which further fills the room with the positive energy you feel upon entering. Each piece of furniture is carefully placed in the room and softens it, always with the “less is more” motto in mind. Contrasts and arrangement create the perfect balance of energy that flows across the room, filling it with soothing silence that dispels everyday tensions and noises.

"Only the silence where no sound can be is sure to take you on a path of complete relaxation and pleasure."


Slowdown value: Architecture & interior wellbeing

The shapes and forms that characterize the hotel draw inspiration from the traditional forms of South Tyrolean houses and outbuildings. PPA, whose founder also worked for Zaha Hadid before setting up his bureau, skillfully poured traditional elements into modern and seductive architecture that blends perfectly with nature, both in form and unusual black exterior. The latter forms an especially stark contrast with the landscape in the winter while remaining perfectly merged with the surrounding trees.



The first realization of how truly unique this hotel is, comes through the architecture, definitely fascinating in its reimagining of the way we live, and is later only reaffirmed through food, wellness center, meditation room,…

The central theme is the architecture, always setting up the path to enhance your well-being.

The arches of the facade draw the eyes to the windows and add a new panorama. It would seem that every choice of detail and colour of the interior adds a new layer to evoke this immeasurable feeling of relaxation.



The rounded lines of the exterior form an arch above the high windows and soften the interior of the rooms. Predominant construction material is wood, always bright in the inside quarters to add a feeling of warmth. The hotel sports a neutral, mellow, and calm color palette. Furniture, colors, and other details form an intricate mesh of clean lines, interweaving modern minimalist architecture and tradition, the latter being expressed only through the use of materials and derivation of details, while still adding individuality and warmth of home. The hotel makes the guest a spectator of a game of contrasts, as the dark exterior opposes the interior where light prevails, and the bright tones have an extremely calming effect in every hotel room. Ying and yang energy is created through extremely thoughtful architecture.



"The sea is a real treasure chest of natural substances"


The benefits for the body and skin

Slowdown value: Silent wellness

In the morning, wake your body up by swimming in the infinity pool, where you are greeted by the first rays of sunshine that touch the slopes of Meransen. This is guaranteed to turn into an unforgettable experience when the sun’s rays land on the water and the impressive construction fills you with positive energy and joy. Infinite relaxation is the way to describe the morning swim.


The benefits for the body and skin

Slowdown value: Evening balance


The evening is no less magical, as you will be enchanted by a really long sunset. The sun usually sets just when you strengthen your immune system in the Finnish or hay sauna, or when you calm down on a lounger in the panoramic chill-out room. If you decide to swim in the evening, the many sparkling lights of the houses in the valley give an impression of a starry sky below you.



breakfast  selection

breakfast specialities

Slowdown value: The panorama views

The view adds a whole new layer to the residence. Hotel Milla Montis offers 30 rooms, and the guests can indulge themselves in the vistas of the valley in each and every one of them.

The panoramic view of the valley can be considered an extension of the room and the layout of the interior. In the winter, the white snowy landscape adds to the peace and tranquillity, especially when it is snowing outside and you feel almost as if you are floating in a snow cloud.



The surroundings also offer plenty of relaxation in nature. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel is the Jochtal-Gitchtal Ski Area; there are also cross-country trails nearby for lovers of cross-country skiing, as well as many trails for winter hiking or snowshoeing. In the summer, spring, and autumn, many hiking and cycling trails invite visitors to explore the surrounding peaks. Let us also mention an impressive 280 sunny days due to the favorable position on the sunny slope.


Slowdown value: Your personal recovery moment

We feel that the hotel is perfectly designed to take time for yourself, to disconnect when you need to regenerate. To achieve this goal, the hotel offers one simple answer – silence, which the establishment has converted into an integral part of the building. The high ceilings that characterize the hotel create a void, but at the same time every room in the hotel invigorates the mind as well as the body and fills you with a sensation of pure lightness and freedom, so you can finally take the time to calm your body and soul.



Slowdown value: Meditation hideaway

Inhale and exhale.

Yoga pillow.

The smell of wood. Emptiness. Peace.

Feel your thoughts calm down.

Feel the tension in the body disperse.

You breathe and, at that moment, there is only you and the feelings within your body and mind.

Silence, the absence of any and all distractions, just a gaze into the distance, the calm architectural composition, characterize the meditation room and will guide your focus, relax you and help you become more down to earth. The feeling of space that is empty, but at the same time so full of positive and calm energy simply cannot be described.


Slowdown value: Food fusion

A table is located by the window.

A horizon is stretched to infinity.

A new dimension, thoughts calm down, tastes intensify.

Experience of the food is the first step of a new journey.



Slowdown value: Uniqueness

Behind the bold idea is a young couple Roland and Franziska, who combined their vision into an original experience, while at the same time providing a firm foundation for their concept. The first impression of the hotel is unique, but you will feel the authenticity of the warm domestic hospitality. Franziska and Roland, together with their team, truly are at the heart of this hotel.


Every morning and evening, you will see Roland in the kitchen, where he and his team create unforgettable culinary specialties. Franziska, on the other hand, is the link between the guests and the creator of the whole concept in the hotel and in the restaurant during dinner. Both know that offering something special does not mean losing touch with authenticity, family, and the environment, and both want to preserve the authenticity of the boutique hotel. In so doing, they make sure that so you will feel a great sense of privacy as the hotel offers 30 rooms.



Roland, who is also the hotel's head chef, is in charge of the culinary spectacles. With his team, he has designed a restaurant that combines traditional flavors and modern techniques that will take you on a daring culinary trip.

Slowdown value: Come here for Roland's slow cuisine

The originality of the culinary journey, on which the Milla Montis team so graciously invites, begins with a selection of the best ingredients that are not necessarily cultivated in the locale or the region. The restaurant offers two slow food menus, refined and balanced every day, concerning both taste and quantity.

The guiding thread of the hotel is the open view, as the restaurant (and also all the rooms) is designed so that the large glazed windows offer an open view across the valley and the surrounding peaks. This is another layer of the experience, provided by the exceptional views, enhanced by the weather that ensures that one day is not like the previous, giving you a fresh experience every time, between breakfast and dinner.



Slowdown value: Flavours

The key strength of the menu is a solid equilibrium of ingredients to impress and surprise at the same time, capable to satisfy every taste of the guest. Among the favorite simple dishes that have surprised us is undoubtedly the greeting from the kitchen; homemade butter with lemon and fresh bread with turmeric, baked in the hotel kitchen. Gourmets will not remain indifferent to all kinds of tartar made from fish or beef. We need to mention also light duck breast with celery puree, crumble, and vegetable sauce.




Your best slowdown


begins here...


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