An idea that symbolizes the joy of life in a place where luxury does not take itself seriously, where comfort is never sacrificed for appearance, and where making unforgettable holiday memories is a full-time activity.

Interior design was planned by Pierre Yovanovitch, who came up with a very personal view of the contemporary French lifestyle, where minimalism and extreme luxury go hand-in-hand. Ignoring fashions and trends, his distinctive architecture focuses above all on the purity of lines, the strength of volumes, the elegance of materials, and mastery of light, be it a 17th-century château in Provence or a triplex in New York.

Applying a global architectural approach, from layout to decoration, he signs a reinterpretation of the classic repertoire of the Alpine style with a contemporary look that is minimal, but warm and subtly original. Le Coucou cultivates the art of contrast and rupture, between the monumental and the intimate, solid geometric lines and singular blurred volumes, vintage and innovation, impeccable regularity, and artisanal imperfection.

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Photo & text credist: Le Coucou official