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Lago Di Fusine

Tarvisio, Italy

Why we love it?

It is something magical about this place. Italians love to come to spend weekends by the lake. They come here for great food, a scenic picnic place, or choose this as a starting point towards a few hiking paths.

A walk around the first (smaller) lake is the best in quiet weather when the glaze of the lake is still. In the late afternoon, you can observe one of the most scenic reflections of the surrounding mountains. The water in the lake is too cold for swimming for the whole year. There is no suggestion for the best time to visit this place – actually this place is like a chameleon – each time you come around, you will be amazed by the beauty of nature, watercolor, or scenic reflections on the lake glaze.
We love the walks around each lake. In winter and autumn time we love to come by car, just for the walk around the lake. It is easy to park by the second lake – there is a huge parking space in the heart of Mangart valley. In spring and summer time we include this place into our cycling trip when we take the tour Kranjska Gora towards Pontebba.
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