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Lake Braies

One of the most scenic walks around the lake

Popoldne in zgodaj zjutraj se na sončen dan na gladino mirno kot zrcalo izrišejo odsevi okoliških gora. Zrcalna slika na gladini jezera še poudari lepote in mogočnost tega dragulja ujetega pod skalne stene. 

Despite the fact, this lake is highly popular for tourists, you can also find some moments within the day, that this location is not overcrowded. Usually, that means very early in the morning and late in the afternoon to also enjoy the sunset. 

The majority of visitors gather around the boathouse or even rent the boat to get the experience of going on the lake by themself. It is possible to rent the boat and then is up to you and your power how far you can explore the "on the lake" adventure.

We were the most inspired by taking a walk all around the lake, which is only possible in the summertime. In winter the path on some point is too icy and therefore too dangerous to pass it. But in summer this could be a wonderful reconnection with the pure nature to balance the day. There are numerous scenes opening and seeing from a different perspective when walking the lake around.  There is also many great spots to have a little picnic time on the shore by the lake on the opposite side of the boathouse. The walk is also not that short, it takes you about an hour and half to come around the lake. So it could be a great one day trip to spet in nature.


We had the luck to catch the perfect day, the water glaze was still as ice and majestic mountains had their sunset sunbath with perfect reflections on to the glaze. With such conditions, every 100 meters around the lake you could make the perfect photos with a different motive of the lake. 
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