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Photo & text credist: Slowdown hotels


Experience to evoke

your senses

Slowdown value: Nature and you

The Dolomites could easily be your next best summer vacation. South Tyrol is truly amazing and it offers hundreds of options for summer activities. The picturesque area enchanted us. There is no chance you get short of ideas about what to visit, each time you come back here no matter the period, this place is simply special.

Why? Because »Lago di Braies«, the famous lake is just around the corner and it shows all the glory during the walk around the lake (you can not walk around the lake in the winter period when the area is under the snow). Three Peaks leaves you breathless by their greatness. Lake Misurina is the most beautiful early in the morning or late in the evening when peaks around it turn reddish. Dobbiaco – San Candido all the way to Brunico offers you a cycling paradise – along the valley you can find many roads just for bikers. You can also use the train if you need to shorten your route. And not to mention mountain bike trails, they are everywhere and the scenes of the trails are super beautiful.
'Nature and you' is the motto of Joas Natur B&B Hotel. If you feel adventurous this might be a hot spot. JOAS is located on a terrace of Versciaco village, in the winter is just a step to the slope and in summer you are surrounded by meadows and beautiful mountains.
Slowdown value: Local & eco friendly

It is our true passion to find some local gems – places to stay which can offer you more than you expect. They have that special story, they are local but well designed. They put special care for nature and all that little details that by the end of the day make all the change.

For example, a shower gel is a specially selected fair trade brand, to round up the whole nature-friendly concept. Little something but the smell of it and the texture of a shower gel was amazing. Another detail is found inside a relax zone's bag –  the flip-flops for entering the zone are made from palm tree leaves - also from the Fairtrade chain. This a little detail that counts in the area of Dolomites.
Slowdown value: Individual & traditional

Their philosophy for vacation is all about mixing natural, individual, and traditional. When we say traditional it is only in sense to get you in touch with a bit of their local history as part of the unique experience which they bring to a higher level. Just like the outer view of the house, which was inspired by a traditional South Tyrolian hay.

At Joas, they love nature and sustainability. Therefore they strive to support and use sustainable resources. They hold Casa Clima A's certificate. The hotel is made out of local wood and they use natural materials as much as possible.

Small, informal, and accessible is a mission they offer to their guests as they aim to fulfill individual wishes. 

Just the finest ingredients
for breakfast...

Slowdown value: A boutique feel and selected breakfast

We had a room just above the breakfast lounge, which was obviously the best position – we woke up because of the gentle smell of freshly baked bread. 
By entering the breakfast area you walk into another story of the hotel. By design and experience, you enter into the traditional part of their philosophy.  You will be spoiled with local and regional delicacies, served in buffet style. They hold a large collection of specially selected organic teas. We had one of the best homemade juices ever tried. Local cheeses were awesome. There is also a corner of whole cereals, fruits, …
Everything is freshly prepared and the emphasis is on organic selection. This is what we really appreciate and the experience in this small hotel was on the highest level.


Beds are placed towards the balcony windows so sunrise & sunsets could be enjoyed directly from the bed.

Slowdown value: Rooms withe the view over the pure natural setting
The rooms are cozy and the space is very well planned.  The bed is placed in front of the balcony window, so you can expect a perfect view towards mountain peaks, so you can enjoy sunrise & sunset moments directly from the bed! In case you wonder which room we had – it was number 116.  In the apartment VITA& SANA balcony is really huge, you have two entries to it, which gives the room a really spacious feeling and a lot of natural light. 
You can also cook a coffee or something not too complicated to eat in the room. The kitchenette is fully equipped, clean, and comfortable.




Panoramic spa with sky terrace.

Slowdown value: Roof top panoramic SPA

After active days in the Dolomites, there is nothing better than spoiling yourself in the wellness area. Joas turned them into a panoramic well-being experience as the area is placed in the attic.

Their Spa is like a cherry on top of the cake. What an amazing vibe that area has! Despite the fact that of the summertime. You can enjoy Finnish and Steam saunas and had a delicious selection of organic tea while cooling down on the sky terrace. Nothing can compare to this experience.
Finnish sauna offers you the same panoramic view as you have it on the sky terrace - towards the mountains peaks above San Candido. You get a cozy and very privat feel in their wellness area.
The Spa area also offers Hay chill-out section with a smell of dry hay. If you are a yoga lover, the Spa area is an amazing place to get your ritual done early in the morning or during the sunset. One word for this place - total relaxation which will evoke your senses.

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