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Have you ever tried to live sustainably inside and out?  Hirben Naturlaub is following new green practices and offers you a real sustainable experience - meaning mostly all used materials are locally sourced to follow zero kilometer philosophy, all served food is regionally sourced or from their own garden.



Hirben is located in Villabassa - Niederdorf, a wonderful and calm location with a very convenient position to reach many Dolomites UNESCO attractions by train, bus or with their e-bikes. Around here you can make a huge favor to the environment as you can practice car-free holidays. The village has one of the best public transport services, so Villabassa and all its side valleys are very easily accessible by train and bus by use of Holidayspass.


The luxury of taking time


The importance of sustainable building made only from wood is the key to feel calm.


Slowdown value: Sustainable inside & out

The forest is like a refueling station: and therefore at Hirben, they took care you feel it in every corner. Their love for the wood reflects through their fully sustainable wooden house made of fir, larch, and Swiss pine. They took care of the sustainability of the house inside and out as the core to offer a full well-being concept.


That means they took care of all the furnishing is made of fine local sourced wood, walls are not plastered and no toxic material isn't used in the building. Therefore they can offer healthy air inside, with a nice smell of the wood with perfect balanced moisture in the interiors what is crucial to feeling the calming effect when staying at Hirben. The structure of the walls is a natural regulator of moisture in the air and also it takes care of the quality of the air inside each apartment and wellness area. 




Slowdown value: Vitality & organic skincare concept

Wood breathes and fills us with vitality. And that is not only true of the forest but also for Hirben hotel so, therefore, the place is much more than just a place to stay it is also a center of well-being and a source of regeneration.


A place where you can always touch wood, as it's all around you! A place where you will find the best organic cosmetic from South Tyrol from Team dr. Joseph, with zero-waste philosophy. Meaning no plastic bottles, and you can take the used soap home in a sustainable bag placed in each room. 


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Siglinde's home cooking will put a big smile on your face when enjoying one of her 164 recipes.

Slowdown value: Siglinde's home kitchen

Some say you remember the place by taste and surely this is the case with Hirben. Sieglinde is the chef behind all food experiences, From breakfast delights to the wonders of her 4-course menu: dishes made from regional, local and seasonal ingredients, some from organic farms, and come straight from their vegetable plot. She also takes care of all tastes in case you prefer vegetarian, lactose - free or gluten-free, she will make it by your taste.


Local - regional  - taste South Tyrol


Slowdown value: Taste & meet the local unique  delicacies

We were beyond excited about the gourmet tasting tours organized by Hirben as one of the most unique spots will be revealed to you.


In case you are well aware of Michelin guide, then ask for the tour to Genuss Bunker, where you will be taken under the ground in the tunnels from World War, to see how the best chees is aging in the unique tunnels in 100% humidity.


Just around the corner from Hirben another unique concept is placed. You can ask for a Gourmet tour to Salmone Dolomites, to experience the highest smoking house for salmon in the Dolomites. You will see how its done and you can taste the best-smoked salmon you ever tasted. We only can tell this much and encourage you to discover this gourmet region by yourself.


Relax in sustainable
Eco wellness 
on  1000m2 

Slowdown value: Do nothing

Sometimes is so good to just do nothing and think only how to relax our body and mind. At Hirben you this will come spontaneously. The feel of their sustainable concept is felt over the whole hotel.  Their wellness concept offers 5 saunas. 2 have a large panoramic view towards the mountains, then there is also a steam bath, infrared sauna and bio aroma sauna. 

breakfast  selection

breakfast specialities


1x Panorama Finish sauna
1x Panorama Hay sauna
1x  Steam bath sauna
1x Bio aroma sauna
1x Infra red sauna 

Free yourself from the urgent need to be online and accessible all day long. Enjoy digital detox.


Slowdown value: Offline is a new luxury.

Press the "pause"  button and stop the cycle of everyday routines. Put the body in slow motion, release the stress, and just enjoy a bit of tranquillity, welcome the environment, and forget about all the cares. Have a digital detox and get the taste of reality. 


Press the pause button.

Slowdown value: Put yourself on a "airplane mode"

From a really comfortable apartment, the hotel has overall a beautifully calm and gentle vibe. Aside from the building, modern interior design, and the biggest spa in the area, there is also the hotel staff that upgrades the whole experience.  It is always a unique experience when the hotel is run by the owners themself and you can feel the real personal and unique approach with the feeling that someone is really taking care of you, so here you can really enjoy the "airplane mode" vibe. 


"Time is all we have"

Slowdown value: 25m long and all year round heated swimming pool

We especially loved the swimming pool to be around a whole season period in Hirben. It is nothing better than taking a calm morning swim in any time period to gently wake up the body or refresh it in the evenings.

Slowdown value: Guided tours with Fabian
Avoid any of the more well-known locations and ask for local advice or a guided tour with Fabian to show you the most spectacular hiking routes with majestic views over the Three Peaks Dolomites area. On tour with Fabian, we spent one of the best times exploring the local surrounding and secret spots of the area.

Still some of the locations worth of visit if you stay at Hirben as they are only a short drive away from the hotel: Visit Lago di Braies – one of the most beautiful lakes in the Dolomites area. The best time to visit the lake is early in the morning, or late in the evening. We arrived at 1 p.m. by bike. But because we wanted to walk around the lake, we returned later in the evening by car again to catch the amazing sunset. During the summer the place is a bit crowded. But hey, you can rent a boat and enjoy a day at the lake.
A hiking Meka is waiting for you here. Do not miss visiting the panoramic hike from Riffugo Auronzo around the Three Peaks area (Tre Cime di Lavaredo). There is a nice wide trail with panoramic views on the surrounding mountains in the heart of the regional symbol Three Peaks. The road will lead you from the famous »Lago di Misurina« towards the Rifugio Auronzo. For the last 12 km of the road plan to have 25 € for the fee of using the road in the heart of the Three Peaks area.

These is just a few spots of many to visit here in the South Tirol / Alto Adige area. Nearby are also Cortina d'Ampezzo, Sesto, San Candido, etc. You can also take a gondola lift to the Mountain Elmo (just behind the JOAS hotel) to enjoy your lunch with a wonderful view of Sesto and Val Fiscalina valley … 


Hirben Naturlaub's aim is to really feel the nature of the Unesco Dolomites area, therefore their motto is airplane mode style.





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