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Photo & text credits: Slowndown Hotels

Elegance captured
among the pine woods

From the old town of Rovinj it looks like a new city would grow on the other side of the bay. But once you explore the cascading, terraced building of the hotel it feels just like a perfect walk through the Mediterranean gardens, which are carefully interspersed with pine, cedar, and fir trees among the terraces of the Grand Park Hotel.


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Viva Eufemia lobby bar with large terrace
is a perfect place for big meetings crowned with majestic view towards Rovinj old town.

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Exploring the interior of the hotel

is like visiting a design week.

Spaceious interior but cozy vibe

Slowdown value: Creating calm with interior design

The hotel was convinced by the Italian architect Piero Lissoni, one of the most appreciated Italian designers and architects together with Croatian design studio 3LHD, which worked also on Lone and Monte Mulini Hotel. It is all about the place where the sea meets the park and the city. 

Lissoni's works usually exude minimalism as he puts special attention on the selection of the materials, which is excellently done in Grand Park Hotel. The inside of the hotel is based on floor-to-ceiling windows to bring natural light all around the hotel floor and rooms. He used muted tones and a clean palette of natural stones. The lobby is light and spacious and design pieces still create a cozy, but chic vibe of the hotel interior. 


Muted tones and natural stones creating calm and elegant atmosphere of the room.

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Lobby with exit to the marina

Exterior vs. interior

Floors are named after plant species from the nearby
Golden Cape part  - cedar, pine, cypress, and fir

Slowdown value: Architecture blended with the landscape

One of the exceptions of this luxurious hideaway despite the greatness of the complex is also its exterior which is blended beautifully with the surrounding landscape and specially created Mediterranean gardens with fresh nests of herbs. 

Slowdown value: terraces gardens with Medeteranien herbs

These terrace gardens not only bring the calmness of nature into the hotel but you can actually smell them while sitting outside. Together with the hotel's architecture, they form remarkable pieces of art, also when the hotel is watched from the hotels' opposite side of the bay - from the marina of the Rovinj old town.


Main hotel lobby 
reveal levels of the hotel

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breakfast  selection

breakfast specialities

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