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Photo & text credits: ekies, All senses resort

Barefoot luxury experience.

At ekies you become one with crystal clear waters and white sand. We handpicked this resort as it offers a sustainable barefoot experience, where you can forget all your worries during your stay. Long or short you will find the "slowdown moment" to enjoy the simple things in life.

Light in nature creates a movement of colours.

Using natural & unrefined materials combined with unique pieces to give a specific character to the rooms and each is not the same. 

The value: DESIGN

We believe the design of the accommodation leads to your mood. You will feel good, even if you don't know exactly why.

It is carefully thought out as the design blends seamlessly with the idyllic landscape of the island. These are also key principles behind their room design philosophy. But they also stuck to Greek roots in a contemporary way. We value the use of natural and unrefined materials which are combined with unique pieces by notable international designers.


"The sea is a real treasure chest of natural substances"


Taste the 4 dimensions of food  and drink served in ekies.

The benefits for the body and skin

The value: LOCAL

Food and drink are the stories after which we memorize the place. Ekies will serve you the most imaginative selection of homemade drinks with fresh ingredients from their own herb garden. In ekies all senses resort you can taste modern Greek cuisine in 4 dimensions. The dishes are prepared from locally produced ingredients, from every day freshly caught fish from local fishermen, and infinite inspiration from the rich variety of Greek cuisine. 

The benefits for the body and skin

The value: TASTE

Behind the cuisine, creations stand chef Dimitris Pamporis, who is striving to promote Greek cuisine internationally. The fact that he was working alongside  Marc Haeberlin and his three Michelin star-awarded restaurant Auberge makes sure, he will open new horizons to you in the field of modern Greek cusine. His unique approach won him a variety of awards.


breakfast  selection

breakfast specialities


The value: NATURE

Ekies lies in Natura 2000 program, which means the nature around here is protected so you can expect radiant beauty on your every step.  You will find unique fauna and flora around here. And besides all that on Agios Isidoros  - an island on the right bottom photo, you can find some ancient ruins. White sand and translucent waters will make your trip even more rewarding.

So from ekies you will find effortless access to the sea and almost private beaches of Vouvourou which is just three steps away from your room.


The benefits for the body and skin

The value: WELL BEING

In ekies and around the island you will find many spots to calm and relax or to put your body in motion. In near Karidi Beach is located, famous of being a Greek version of an exotic paradise. The biggest of the nine islands in the bay of Vourvourou Diaporos island is the next Greek gem worth exploring. Surrounded by crystal-clear water you can enjoy a picnic, a yoga flow, or anything that will calm you down. On the east side of this island, you will find - as the locals call it - Hawaii Beach - white sands and turquoise waters should be on your must-see list when around here.

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