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Photo: Tobias Kaser Photography

Text credit: Slowdown Hotels 

“New minimalist hideaway. High in the mountains and deep in the forest. For all those who are looking for a place that brings you the "slowdown" effect instantly. "

Anders is a place for all those who seek freedom, peace, and magnificent views. A slowdown retreat for all who love that nature, design, and architecture speaks a unique story and invites you to experience new dimensions of calm and slow living.



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Slowdown effect of wild nature

Life on 1800m is simply different. Up here things slow down and only nature is one step away. Here all worries just disappear because nature invites you to feel and enjoy the freedom of just being. Like you would enter a meditative space, here all is set up the way it calms the soul instantly. The beauty of nature surrounds you and the feeling of having all you need is liberating. Also just lying in the bed all day and observing the majestic outside scenery feels like a meditative experience.




Slowdown value: Simpler and quieter

The architecture will lead you to a new experience, as the perception of the living changes. This stunning architecture blends smoothly with the surrounding nature and with a distinctive shape and harmonious interplay of organic design and clear lines making an impression and slowing us down spontaneously. It gives an unusual feeling of calm and relaxation as it gently blends with the majestic nature of Peitlerkofel and the Odle Group.




A perfect blend is achieved using wood and concrete, that is blended with the surrounding rocky terrain. All the suites and main spaces have opened views directed towards openness and vastness.  

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"At the back, there is comfort and protection, while natural spruce wood radiates calm. Spacious rooms, in purist design. Clear lines and a tactile experience."

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"Nature meditation.
Sitting comfortably in a quiet place, where you won't be disturbed. Take a few breaths, allowing your mind to relax"


Slowdown value: 7 heaven

Once a 50 rooms hotel is now turned into 7 heaven slowdown paradise. With bold architecture and redesign of the old traditional house, they now offer a boutique experience in 7 two-floor design suites with very special cinematic mountain views.


Minimal but everything you need. Elegant, but cozy and warm. The Interior blends with the exterior and fills you with peace and tranquility. Unique in every season period and always so much to explore outside as here you are always just one step away from a hiking trail, a walk in the forest, a bike escape, or a ski lift in the winter.

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anders_suites_Tobias Kaser Photography (15).jpg

"Forest, mountains, and nature right on your doorstep. Getting out is a satisfying experience, wherever you go. Turn off your phone, you've arrived. Things start to happen here. On foot, by bike, or on skis. Coming back is just as nice. The beds are fluffed up, the open fire blazes, and the kitchen it’s sizzling. A new experience of home.”    SLOWDOWN HOTELS


Slowdown Hotels_ Anders Suites
Slowdown Hotels_ Anders Suites

Slowdown value: Wood

The main element of the house is wood. A sustainable way of life is natural to mountain people. A touch of nature is everywhere around you, even a bathroom sink is wooden. Here you can truly immerse in the authentic forest as it is right at your doorstep and everywhere you touch. Warm, empty but at the same time the most calming interior ambiance. A perfect place to slow down your time, your days, and your life.




Slowdown Hotels_ Anders Suites
Slowdown Hotels_ Anders Suites
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Slowdown value: Eat with your eyes and heart


If you enjoy mountains, for sure you know that feeling of coming to a mountain hut and enjoying the freshly made dishes. At Anders, this experience is taken to a whole new level, as you can enjoy fresh delicacies from surrounding farms beautifully served on your table. A moment of pure happiness and a real feast for all senses since each table is located by the window with a timeless view. Here all is ready and designed in a way that slows the time down.

Since Anders is located at a high altitude they still have their own herbs garden, where they grow their own mint, which is later handpicked & dried for the Mountain Mint tea.







"For all the meals one can expect to taste local, regional, and seasonal, something straight from nature and something from their surrounding farms and local producers but also lots of homemade delicacies."   ANDERS SUITES

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"Taste with the eyes, the mountains are always in view, from the morning until evening."   ANDERS SUITES

breakfast  selection

breakfast specialities

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Slowdown value: Homemade and local, the taste of home

Anders is a family affair, and because everyone knows "family always comes first", be sure that here you will eat just like being a part of the family. Andreas runs the suites together with his wife, and he is also a head chef. During the warm months, he is always around in nature picking fresh delicacies so he can prepare something really fresh for the dinner.

anders_suites_Andreas Plattner_by Tobias Kaser Photography (34).jpg
anders_suites_Andreas Plattner_by Tobias Kaser Photography (18).jpg
anders_suites_Andreas_Plattner_by_Tobias_Kaser Photography (21).jpg
anders_suites_Andreas Plattner_by Tobias Kaser Photography (8).jpg

"At the end of the day, look forward to the "Nochtmahl.”
This is what the host cooks for himself and his family. Guests of the suites are part of this household, so are invited to join in the meal. Traditional Alpine Cuisine fused with a Mediterranean flair. Homemade dough dishes and juicy meat are served straight to your table. Always a surprise, always good.

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anders_suites_Restaurant_by Tobias Kaser Photography (26).jpg

Slowdown value: Cook by yourself with local delicacies

In Anders, you can also cook for yourself. Upon request, they can fill up the fridge with local delicacies and you can enjoy cooking on your own with the local best ingredients. The art of living simply is at home at Anders.

"You love to cook, but you never have the time, slow down, and enjoy a unique opportunity to cook for yourself with the best local ingredients high in the mountains. "          ANDERS SUITES


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