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Casa de

Sao Lourenzo

Photo & text credits: Casa de Sao Lourenzo official

A completely panoramic scenery hotel

A breathtaking scenery that feels like walking slowly, exploring time at your own pace, discovering winding paths, boulders, cliffs, viewpoints, rivers, lagoons, river beaches, herds, and shepherds who have been driving the sheep for hundreds of years awaits you up here. Run the mountains, the plateaus, the valleys, sweep them with the view that extends through the jagged cuttings, unravel the myths of the emblematic places.


Casa Sao Lourenco Panorama Hotel is now reborn and turned towards the beauty of the landscape, where the panorama, burel wool, and the pure air in altitude are key elements of the stay. The horizons filled with mountain silhouettes in their grandiosity and simplicity, and granite rocks that dye the greenery of the cliffs, reinforcing the presence of the origins.



The hotel takes you on the discovery of Portugese design. Unique pieces that are a representation of Portuguese culture, giving sense to each space and each corner.


In the spa, you will enjoy the silence of the mountains and the purity of the spring water from Serra da Estrela mountains.

A panoramic hotel, overlooking the Zêzere Glacial Valley, where burel and the designs are clear invitations to contemplate and appreciate the landscape in silence.

The benefits for the body and skin

Casa Sao Lourenco is a great starting point to meet unspoiled nature and breathtaking scenes of the region of Serra da Estrela which was recognized as a World Geopark by UNESCO. This landscape was shaped by a glacier and left a majestic terrain to explore the wonders of nature. The Zêzere Glacier Valley, one of the largest in Europe, boasts unrivaled geological beauties, such as the austere granite rocks of the Cártaros, Magro, Gordo, and Raso, as well as biogenetic reserves of natural and scenic value. 

The slopes are abrupt, furrowed by lines of water that fall into cascades shaped by the ice that time has taken. It is this Valley, this wonderful Zêzere Glacier Valley, integrated into the Serra da Estrela Natural Park is worth to appreciate of from Casa de São Lourenço.


The Panoramic Spa at Casa de São Lourenço is more than a simple Spa. Is a source of rejuvenation for the body and soul. An invitation to a discovery trip through unknown sensations: the wild scents that hit us through the big windows, the scented oils of the spa, the high-quality products, and the professionalism of their staff. 

The Mountain Spa at Casa de São Lourenço offers you time, comfort and a sense of renewal. With treatments that cross the unique treasures of the mountains of Serra da Estrela and the traditional wisdom of the East.


The hotel was reborn from Pousada de São Lourenço, one of the first ones in Portugal designed in 1949 by Rogério de Azevedo. The Pousada has become a House (Casa), the second of Burel Mountain Originals, to reinforce the hospitality, a concept of “Houses that are Hotels”, and an integral part of Burel Mountain Hotels, which kept Maria Keil’s beautiful furniture recovered on the inside… one of the most important Portuguese artists of the 20th century, while giving space to the contemporaneity of several Portuguese designers. Casa de São Lourenço takes us on a discovery of Portuguese design through its decorative elements to continue the story begun by Portuguese artist Maria Keil, 70 years ago.



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